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Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 09:56 UTC
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When did I turn 31?!

Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 08:23 UTC
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Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 07:41 UTC

The weekly app on events in the Space Kingdom of Asgardia.


DEC 5, 02 / DEC 7, 18 . ...

Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 05:27 UTC
Текущий статус проекта Асгардия.

По мотивам статьи написанной Ivan Rosel в группе фейсбук Asgardia General Official , это мой перевод этой статьи, и некоторые дополнения.

Был задан вопрос о том, "Каков нынешний статус проекта "Космическое королевство Асгардия". И вот краткий список прогресса текущей ситуации.


Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 07:47 UTC
Благодарю за перевод статьи!
Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 03:00 UTC
Recordemos la historia que somos a través de nuestro camino trazado en la órbita baja terrestre

¿Cuál es el nombre del primer satélite que tiene la nación espacial Asgardia?
El nombre del primer satélite es Asgardia-1.

¿Qué tipo de satélite es?
Asgardia-1 Satellite es un CubeSat que pertenece a una categoría de nanosatélites (1-10 kg). Se ...

Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 07:03 UTC
А зачем это нужно ?
Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 00:10 UTC
To Live Forever!

To live forever is to be happy all the time! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 23:07 UTC

Its a main view point about to invent a spaceship that travel faster than light .

It might be possible because in the manner that we recorded the expansion of UNIVERSE is might be greater than the speed of light .If the we found out the way ...

Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 22:13 UTC

If we are to make a massive investment in a new transportation system, then

the return should by rights be equally massive. Compared to the alternatives, it should ideally be:



Lower cost

More convenient

Immune ...

Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 19:32 UTC
CIMON Acompañante Movil Interactivo para la Tripulación (Crew Interactive MObile CompanioN)

El nuevo asistente interactivo desarrollado para la Administración Espacial Alemana por Airbus e IBM, es potenciado por el sistema de inteligencia artificial Watson de IBM.

Más información en el siguiente ...

Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 19:47 UTC
You are welcome Dirk... Watson is a very interesting system, deep learning and big data are some terms that we need to take in our scope of view, these systems will change our life in a very near future
Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 19:37 UTC
Thanks, very interesting.
Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 19:05 UTC

Alguién tendrá que ser... soy el único

Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 18:44 UTC

This post is directed to the leadership of Asgardia. I would like to begin the process of registration process for my LLC. Please PM me so when can start ASAP.

Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 16:27 UTC

Baru-baru ini, China Radio International menanyai saya dalam sebuah wawancara mengapa semakin banyak anak-anak sekolah dasar Cina belajar di luar negeri. Seperti yang saya jelaskan kepada wartawan radio, saya percaya cara terbaik untuk menggambarkan fenomena ini adalah dengan melihatnya sebagai bagian dari gelombang perjalanan keluar yang ...

Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 14:47 UTC

Dedicado a la comunidad del futuro.
Borrador del proyecto artefacto volador vimana Z-99
Versión: Inestable.

Una manera razonable de salvar a la humanidad y todas las especies de este planeta es construìr las tecnologìas necesarias para la exploraciòn del universo e iniciar una nueva era ...

Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 14:55 UTC
Esperemos que con ASGARDIA se pueda hacer realidad.
Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 13:25 UTC
Orbital Yacht Club

Use current technology to create a 1G presence in space for 320 people at a time. Combine the ISS trusses with 40 Dragon spacecraft in the shape of a 200m ferris wheel. Spin at 3 RPMs to create 1G. Install 0G stations at the center. Each Dragon docking station ...

Dec 8, 02 / Dec 10, 18 02:35 UTC
I am thinking it will greatly improve the efficiency of living, working and playing in space. Having 1G will eliminate the bone density loss. This provides two huge efficiency improvements. 1. Eliminate the need to return the crew to the earth every few months. 2. Eliminate the need to spend ...
Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 19:21 UTC
That came to my mind too. But i was imagining it laying down on an ax on the moon. It would be the great revival of fairs in space.
Dec 7, 02 / Dec 9, 18 09:31 UTC

Человек магнит .