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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 19:50 UTC
Orbital Rings

I saw this video today. It seems like a pretty feasible process. I wonder what the cost of something like this would be. It would open up so many possibilities for space travel and for building flotilla type societies of people living entirely in space. With the advent of vertical aeroponics we could grow our own food in space, provided there were some gravity/magnetic field generated to allow the water to flow through the system. Either way I think it's such an exciting prospect I had to share.

Asg 12, 01 / Jun 29, 17 22:07 UTC

A gravity generator is a very good but still improbable idea (we can't discard this yet). Maybe some of our fellow Asgardians can tell us more about this topic.

Oct 25, 01 / Nov 1, 17 15:27 UTC

very good, thanks NicholeFrame