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Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 03:54 UTC

I am in my early thirties, and my primary employment is to support Deaf children with Special Needs in the Baltimore City public school system. Some of my students are incapable of effective communication in the written form, because of their special needs. None of them would be capable of a verbal conversation without the use of assistive medical devices. There is no reason to exclude people like them from Arcadia, yet exclusion already occurs.

The most obvious point of exclusion? None of the many Sign Languages that exist on Earth are even considered a language by Arcadia. Because of the marginalization of the Deaf on Earth, none of them are even in consideration for Arcadia's 12 official languages. Our citizens will have Deaf children. They will also have children with Special Needs. They will have children with physical disabilities. They will have children with all of the above. Our government, and education system, must recognize such challenges so that we can solve them.