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Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 18:14 UTC

I would ask all of my fellow Asgardian's to recognize that the term "person" is only limited to a living being that is conceived by natural means. It is a being that has the expectation of a finite life span not an unlimited one. A person can not be a legal document, a robot, or any non-naturally occurring item.

Asg 25, 01 / Jul 12, 17 19:31 UTC

There might be some cmplications in the future, especially in the fields of AIs and genetic engineering. Its clear that a proper scientific understanding for constructing 100% man-made body living being by chemistry and genetic code is a thing of may be few hundred years away, still the posibility resides ... as for AIs, id say a proper AI could see the world at the end of this century. ... here i have to point out that my view on AIs as constructs are perhaps sometning too extreme for most people (i wouldnt keep the "three laws of machines" be implemented, i would push for personal-level co-existence AI-human interactions and not limit them any further than human beings --- there are deeper reasonswhy but that is not the point here - so id explain if anyone wants in a presonal manner).    ... im not opposing your point (especially in the "things" and living beings of insufficient mental capacity), but there is also one particular person-issue - tube-children (not meaning it in any offensive way) - artificial pregnancy and surrogate mothering, also as possible and/orr combination white atrificial womb prenatal developement. These arent natural means, as possible artificial genetic modificaion. Its off course a broather debate etics issue, but there are situations in witch theese menas would be considered OK, and be in your definition unnatural, thus personhood-limitting. (dont worry im not for gen-experiments on fetuses or pre-pregnancy stages or a big bussines thing of this kind ... but aether artificial wombs could save lives of fetuses in dangerous and desperate situations, as some genetic changes in diminishing future fatal developement in the human being - strictly controlled and evaluated off course).