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Feb 22, 02 / Feb 19, 18 19:19 UTC

There is no doubt that the United Nations with all of its political nuances makes it difficult for burgeoning countries such as Asgardia to reach Global legitimacy. Afterall, the UN can't even decide on the small strip of land called Isreal. If the UN existed in 1775, would the 13 colonies of the America's have been recognized?

Is there another way? Empires of great power over the ages have risen and fallen. Great alliances have joined in force and in peace, but how many in the last 1000 years of human history have remained constant and steadfast.

Like many examples in today's world were the ability to take part in legitimate enterprises with equally matched micro opportunities there exists success and opertunity, from the big investmennt traders of Americas Wall-street to the home office of a day trader, to the global currency exchanges of the world to the digital currencies like Bitcoin, from the global nations dictating policy for the world, there are Micro-nations, individually with a small voice but under a chartered United Micro-Nation (UMN) organization, Asgardia can find allies, investors, friends, and a common voice.