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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Mar 1, 02 / Feb 26, 18 00:28 UTC
Mar 3, 02 / Feb 28, 18 02:48 UTC
Hello my friend!!! Who voted for Jean Martinelli, my brother, I am already endorsing the vote as well. Please endorse your vote again for my brother. Gratitude!!!
Mar 3, 02 / Feb 28, 18 03:01 UTC
I just voted for him Gisele! Thank you very much!!!
Mar 3, 02 / Feb 28, 18 04:25 UTC
Thank You for your support! Now that the votes have been reset I need your vote again. Thank you again and let's work for a realistic future together!
Mar 4, 02 / Mar 1, 18 03:41 UTC
You know what you have with my vote. It is done!
Mar 5, 02 / Mar 2, 18 21:44 UTC
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Apr 9, 02 / Apr 3, 18 00:14 UTC
Congratulations on the clean and honest campaign, worthy of an Asgardian. In the days leading up to the parliamentary elections in Asgardia, I met people highly qualified to hold a post in Parliament, but for some reason failed to achieve this goal. What I have to say to these extraordinary ...
Apr 9, 02 / Apr 3, 18 21:26 UTC
Dear Asgardian Brothers! Tomorrow 04-04, we remember the 50 years of the death of the "Man who had a dream". Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the perssonalities that had great influence in my formation. I do not need to tell you how much this man has been or ...