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Apr 23, 02 / Apr 17, 18 20:11 UTC

The Outer Space Agreement was made with the influence of the cold war in the 1960s. This agreement was signed so that the space race between USA and USSR does not turn into a ownership race in the space. However, despite this agreement and others, Space Law has not yet matured to this day. Which of these activities are legal and which are not illegal. Sanctions are unknown if a state violates existing agreements because of space activities. The institutions to enforce sanctions are uncertain. For this reason, it is the exact sequence of our suggestion that the Outer Space Treaty, which was created according to 20th century conditions, should be updated according to the 21st Century conditions;

* No person, government agency, commercial corporation or state located in the world SHALL HAVE THE OUTER SPACE (Asgardia is not a person, official institution, business corporation or state in the world ),

* Outer space can only be used for PEACE AND EQUALITY (one of Asgardia's aims is the peaceful use of space ),

* Outer space can not be used for MILITARY PURPOSE (Asgardia does not have a military purpose).

The direction of the above actions is straight forward from the earth to space. If a group (Human, Aliens, ET etc. whatever kind ) come from outside the world and want to build a state in orbit for non-military and peaceful purposes, by what law can you block it ? Does the Outer Space Treaty cover them ? Do they need to be recognized by the UN ?

From this point of view, it seems that a state can be established in the Earth Orbit.

On the other hand, In order for Asgardia to undertake an update initiative, I would like to present to the Assembly a proposal for a law authorizing the Government.