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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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May 24, 02 / May 16, 18 22:24 UTC
May 24, 02 / May 16, 18 22:44 UTC
Believe it or not, I am a Libertarian. I went to UWGB for a year, and was apart of the Young American's for Liberty Movement founded by Ron/Rand Paul. I believe I can speak on behalf of the YAL members in Green Bay, and say that we fully endorse this.
May 25, 02 / May 17, 18 00:11 UTC
Thank you!
May 24, 02 / May 16, 18 22:44 UTC
Americans* excuse my grammer
May 24, 02 / May 16, 18 23:11 UTC
Excellent work James ! Thank you !
May 25, 02 / May 17, 18 00:40 UTC
I object to the usage of the world "inalienable", it discriminates rights of aliens.
May 25, 02 / May 17, 18 00:41 UTC
Article 2 discriminate rights of intelligent machines.
May 25, 02 / May 17, 18 00:45 UTC
The document in whole doesn't prevent economic enslavement. Money should be supplied through budget, not through banks (and this is not stated).
May 26, 02 / May 18, 18 01:56 UTC
I agree, I don't believe in Quantitative Easing for Asgardia.
May 26, 02 / May 18, 18 12:53 UTC
Are you referring to The Federal Reserve and that corrupt money making scheme? If so, I agree completely.
May 26, 02 / May 18, 18 19:09 UTC
Yes, the federal reserve to this day has never been audited.
May 26, 02 / May 18, 18 12:52 UTC
There is a plan to end economic enslavement and that is called a Resource Based Economy. If you exist in an economic system, especially as they are manifest in non-Nordic countries, then you will always be enslaved. Period. There is no way around it. Money does not just magically exist. ...
May 26, 02 / May 18, 18 19:15 UTC
I agree, we have to break free from the Sumerian Money Magic, that Corey Goode was talking about. We shouldn't worship money. Money is just a medium of exchange. If we move towards a more barter based system, money becomes less important.
May 26, 02 / May 18, 18 01:53 UTC
I agree, I don't trust A I.
May 26, 02 / May 18, 18 12:25 UTC
I expect you are serious here, I still find it humorous. The word itself is not discriminatory. It is the word used in the correct context within a more legal framework. To which 'aliens' does the word discriminate? Those to which countries consider illegal aliens to their country? Extraterrestrials? Why ...
May 26, 02 / May 18, 18 19:12 UTC
I think alien is used as a catch all term for anyone, who wasn't physically born on earth. To be honest, I doubt extra terrestrials care as much as politically correct terms, as we do on earth.
May 25, 02 / May 17, 18 02:30 UTC
Congratulations James and thanks fo your great work ;-)
May 26, 02 / May 18, 18 12:19 UTC