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Jun 27, 02 / Jun 16, 18 18:20 UTC
Who we are?

We have read many statements in which scientists described that how human evolved from apes to homo sapiens and in some recent reports some scientists stated that our ancestors were some aquatic animals not apes. I am just a student not a scientist but i thought about evolution of homo-sapiens. when i was in high school i used to think about how can we evolve from an ape to humans like it just seem fine in the picture.

There were some movies which made me thought about some silly like what if apes weren't our ancestors and what if we were humans from the start, yeah, i know it sounds silly and different but it can be true because none of us are eyewitness of evolution of homo-sapiens.

by Counterflix

I think many of you saw Interstellar, its a Si-Fi movie in which earth is very polluted and NASA sends a team in deep space to find a suitable habitable planet for a fresh start of human life. I know its some sort of off track but here is the thing that what if we were humans from the start and our real ancestors found this planet suitable for living and they started life here or someone send them here for human settlement in this solar system and who knows the UFOs we saw in some videos are those people who send our ancestors and trying to contact us in some ways.

I know this article/post sounds very different but none of us have any clue that where we are from cause we just saw us/humans evolving in movies, pictures and books the people who made them also learned from these movies, pictures and books.

Every line in this article is written by me so please comment down for improving it .


Jun 27, 02 / Jun 16, 18 19:21 UTC
I think that we came first out of the water and lived later on land, because we are 95% water and are 99% ape.
Jun 27, 02 / Jun 16, 18 19:36 UTC
Thats 65% water.
Jun 28, 02 / Jun 17, 18 10:43 UTC
Thanks for having interest in this post.