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Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 00:10 UTC
The Story of String Theory: A Multi-Dimensional Story-Verse (pt1)

What has been called Magic, may now fall under Math, Science, and Medicine. What has been called Myth, may now continue to be revealed and clarified through practical allegory and historic or current event reporting.

I look to describe, explain, and clarify what some higher mathematical and scientific theories explore (like String Theory). Only, I will do this with story, language, and allegory, for these are the tools I work with best.

I am a Storyteller, this is how I use my creativity. I use the Creative Arts to explore the world around me (both physical and other dimensional realms), learning philosophical wisdom and, ultimately, working to generate and manifest Healing in the soul realms.

I have much experience in the soul realms and will relate an overview of what I have learned. Do with this as you will. Believe or do not. I would love to see you go forth to prove these truths in your own living, and more! Going boldly where few (or none) have gone before.

Part One: The Physical Dimension

Basic Science observes and teaches that our five physical senses are: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. If you cannot feel something with one or more of these senses, then that “thing” you are feeling ceases to be of the physical world. Some higher Sciences observe the possibilities of things that are beyond these physical senses.

Basic Mathematics is the quantifying and proving of the physical world through formula and function. Some higher Mathematics may also take on the challenge of exploring Theories that are not yet provable by this present physical world. For example: the possibility of multiple dimensions or alternate realities.

Basic Story and Language clarifies and relates the events of this physical world, often mixed with the mysteries of that which is beyond the physical realm.


The Physical Realm (Energy Dimensions Drawing Series) by Gregga J. Johnn

The Dimensional Weave

In the physical realm, we can clarify, quantify, and put things into boxes with definite boundaries. This is often considered “proving” what is real. Yet, we all know that some things that are very real, cannot be “proved” or quantified by anything in the physical world. They may be observed or felt by things in the physical world, but not proved. Love is the most obvious of unprovable realities. Love may be observed, felt, fought for, embellished, distorted and any number of other things. But, you can’t prove its existence by a physical quantifier. You need something beyond the physical realms to clarify and quantify or prove its existence.

Beyond the physical realm, in other dimensions, qualifying edges are not conclusive. The boundaries here have fluidity and flow. Reality is also non-linear and more helix in nature (like a spring coil). Each dimension spirals around at different accordion spreads: sometimes stretched out long and far between connecting points; sometimes squeezed in to touch, run into, or mash together at connecting points. Then, there is the layering of it all, as well. Each space, time, and dimension exists layered over another in the paradox of separation occurring in a unified context.

Time & Space has a Woven framework to it. I call it The Weave .

Think of a woven tapestry frame. There are horizontal lines and vertical lines that cross over each other in a hatch-work frame that the threads of life weave through. But, there is depth to this Weave as well, so (to start with) think of the weave frame being more cube-like in a three-dimensional framework. However, that is only the beginning, for the Weave is not just horizontal, vertical, and wide. The “channels” or threads of the weave framework flow in multiple angles, diagonals, tangents, and even curves. Also, instead of being restricted to a consistent geometric (cube or ball) form, the whole weave is flexible and can be twisted, hooked, or accordioned; ever moving in waves like an ocean. Mind blowing isn’t it!

This whole Weave series (Time, Space, Dimensions, etc…) also exists inside Eternity, doing so with a beginning and end that is so far stretched away from us that we cannot seem to conceive it. Yet, to the Creator of Time & Space, this Weave is simply a creative tool in the Hands of an Intelligent Designer.

Therefore, it is possible for energy (like spirit and soul) to move off or outside the construct of the Weave framework, (to blend, dance, and jump through, thread to thread even), instead of remaining on, in, or a part of the woven tapestry. We just haven’t proven this in physically quantifiable terms, yet. But there are many who are not restricted to the physics of Time, Space & Dimensional Weaves. Sometimes we access this Weave blending ability through dreaming, meditation, or in extreme cases, out-of-body experiences.

Further essays from here will explore some of these dimensions as I’ve come to know them:

  • Physical Dimension (what is perceived through the physical senses)
  • Memory Dimension (the Past remembered as it lingers or haunts)
  • Light Dimension (positive spirit Kingdom)
  • Dark Dimension (negative spirit kingdom)
  • Imaginarie Dimension (what fantasies we create and make real)
  • Soul Part Dimension (shattered and fractured minds/wills/emotions)
  • Alternate Reality Dimensions (past, present, and fluid future realities generated from Choice)
  • Humble Unknown Dimensions (further things that I do not understand, yet)

The next post will begin with the Memory Dimension from where ghosts and the essence of memory lingers in locations and inanimate objects, (like houses, toys, and tools).