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Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 00:19 UTC
The Story of String Theory: A Multi-Dimensional Story-Verse (pt2)

Part Two: The Memory Dimension

The second realm that flows through the Dimensional Weave is the realm of Memory. It does not stand alone. Indeed, it’s only ‘second’ because this is where I’m leaning first. There is no real order to dimensions as they all coexist in and about and through each other, layered and woven intricately together and apart. I doubt any of the dimensions exist without somehow flowing through and blending with others. Anything beyond the physical realm is highly fluid with translucent boundaries that wave like ribbons in the wind. Even the physical realm is a part of this tapestry in its more quantifiable boundaries.

wpid-20151011_110248-1.jpg 1058w, 150w, 300w, 768w, 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 529px) 100vw, 529px">

The Memory Dimension Drawing Series by Gregga J. Johnn

The consideration of Memory having a Realm or Dimension of its own may seem foreign when only thinking about remembering what you had for lunch yesterday. But, when you do try to remember what you had for lunch, don’t you go to a place in our mind where memories are stored?

The term “Mind Palace” is a tool that’s been used by spies, con-artists, and geniuses alike, to remember details on a remarkable level of brilliance. It’s a constructed “room” or place in your mind where you place details with images or objects to help you recall certain information when you come back into that “room.”

This creation of a Mind Palace is where the Imaginarie Dimension blends with the Memory Dimension as something we create or make up in our minds becomes real enough to us, to be a tool for helping to jog our memory.

However, the Memory Dimension is far deeper than just trying to recall information. Memories are most often recalled as emotions, even smells and sights. So, the physical realm blends in here too.

But, let’s look deeper at the idea of Memory being recalled as Emotion. For these Emotional Memories are the ones that linger longest. They are also where Ghosts walk.

A ghost is often the memory of a soul. Sometimes it is a memory attached to a place, or an event, or an emotion of a particular person. That’s when they may be “observed” as the traditional whispy beings that we see in film.

Yet where the Soul-Part Dimension bleeds over with the Memory Dimension is when an actual human soul (being the mind, will, or emotions of a person) breaks apart from the whole and wanders on its own. These soul parts wander the world as lost beings with individual intent. How powerful or complicated that soul part is, depends upon how large a piece of the whole that part was broken off as.

This soul part may haunt the living soul it once was a whole with, while that soul still lives. This is often where mental illnesses are manifest. (I’ll cover this more when I discuss the Soul-Part Dimension).

This soul part may also walk across dimension of its own will, even after the living body of it’s soul whole is dead and gone. Energy cannot be destroyed. It simply passes from one state to the next.

Yet, the main clarification I want to explore with the Memory Dimension is where memory Essences attach to locations, places, and things: Locations being a geographic area; Places being large objects like buildings or vehicles; and things being smaller objects like toys or tools.

The most obvious example of this is when a house is haunted. The memory of an event, or the emotion of a past resident, or past soul, lingers in the one place. These hauntings are usually only made famous when they make the most noise. The squeaky wheel gets the oil, right. And the noisiest ghosts are the ones that have something to complain about. I don’t want to dwell upon the dark too much. You can imagine how horrific some deaths are and even how horrible some lives have been lived.

I believe ghost lives matter, and this is why I am not a fan of making paranormal activity a tourist event. I am strongly against the idea of poking around in someone else’s misery just for fun thrills, curiosity, or even scientific discovery. That’s all rather ghoulish to me. Sometimes the worst ghouls and spirits in our world are the living ones with no respect for other life.

Let’s look at a more positive aspect of this. Have you ever walked into a home and just felt happy? Many of our childhood homes might feel that way; if you were lucky to have a pleasant childhood. That feeling of, “I’m home where I belong,” comes form the Memory Dimension where all the good memories, the familiar memories, and good vibes of love, joy, and peace, have settled into the very DNA of a house. It becomes as if the House has a persona of its own.

I’m not saying a House, or a Home is an entity in itself. But, I am saying that a Home can be created by the memories we make in it… again, where the Imaginarie Dimension bleeds in to our present. We create our past in our present. We create our future in our present.

So, let us empower the good memories of our lives by talking about them and pouring love into them. This way we may combat the darker memories that haunt. Remember what you will. Speak about your memories and share history. Honor those who have gone before. Do not let their deaths be forgotten in carelessness, but use the darkness to emphasis the need for light. Then be that Light!

Respect the Memory Dimension. And Memory may respect you when you are gone, too.