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Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 00:26 UTC

Part Three: The Light Dimension

The third Dimension to discuss opens a highly debatable arena. It is not my intent to take on every theory or faith belief. Therefore, I will continue this exploration from a generic “common ground,” that I believe all Humanity may come together upon, in one understanding. Note, I say understanding and not agreement. I’m not looking for everyone to agree with me, only that all may find a common ground to understand, to then pursue further conversation, from there.

To this end, I am defining the Light Dimension as the place of Positive Creation (as opposed to Negative Destruction, which I will discuss further as the Dark Dimension). The character descriptors of this place are best clarified with the Nine Basic Positive Aspects of the Trevel UNUM Philosophy. These are also called Fruits, or produce, of positive Spirit creativity.

These Nine Basic Aspects are:

1) Love, 2) Joy, 3) Peace,

4) Patience, 5) Kindness, 6) Goodness,

7) Faithfulness, 8) Gentleness, & 9) Self-control.


The Light Dimension Drawing Series by Gregga J. Johnn

These are the “quantifiable” qualities that are the foundation of all that is Positive Creation. If there is anything that is expressed from any of these individual qualities, or a combination of some or all these qualities, then that is an expression of the Light Dimension.

The Light Dimension is the place where Light shines into Darkness. Sometimes it bleeds through cracks, sometimes is blends with black to cause grey areas. These grey areas hold the greatest confusion and are most prolific. However, sometimes the Light is fractured and the whole spectrum of rainbow color and invisible qualities may be explored.

When Humanity was very young, as recorded in ancient history, we were very much like babies and toddlers who needed hand holding and direct instruction on the difference between Light (positive creation) and Dark (negative destruction). From a Parental perspective, strict laws are placed with definite boundaries, time-outs, and punishments for crossing those boundaries. It’s a very restrictive time. Legitimately, the best way to understand the light, is often by first experiencing darkness.

NB: this explains why ancient history and even the “old testament” of the Bible is filled with such barbaric rules and punishments.

But, then Humanity grew into the first exploration of positive creation: The Romance years of Love. This is where civilized expansion exploded (though the individual humans expanding in this way were often not loving at all). Remember, I’m talking about a wider, broader perspective of a Dimension, (even though these lessons are applicable and visible in individual living practices).

NB: this is also the time when Jesus, the Messiah, came to earth to be the example of Greatest Love for all though ultimate sacrifice. His death on the cross paid the price for all negative destruction and paid the debts for all the places the Dark Dimension wreaked havoc upon the Light. By doing so, Jesus betrothed Humanity to him in the Eternal Romance story.

In this modern age since that historical event, we’ve been living under an amplified exposure of the Light Dimension in an Age of Grace. Look at all the wondrous advances that have burst forth upon Human existence in the last 2000 years. Granted, it always takes we faulty humans a while to catch on to new things. But, look at the AMAZING advancements that have happened in only the last 100 years! We are building up to an even greater exposure and explosion of the Light Dimension soaking through in an Age of Glory. I can’t wait to see what more wonders Humanity will achieve in the next 50-100 yrs. (Space travel? Human expansion beyond the earth? Greater efficiency in transport? Greener ways of living that benefit the Earth and all humanity? Peace?!) I’m so excited about the future.

Let me make one point about Religion and Faith. There has been a great muddling of Truth as the Light seeped in and often didn’t look the way those looking for the light either wanted or expected it to look. The shadows of grey are prolific. But, this is not a bad thing. When we first become adults and must step out to explore the world on our own, the best way we learn is by FAILING! The best way to grow strong is through ADVERSITY. Yes, it hurts. But, we can heal! (I’ll discuss this reality further when we look at the Soul-Part Dimension).

But, the question begs: how do we know the Truth? The Truth IS out there. How do we recognize it? Here’s my overly simplified answer: look where the Light Dimension seeps in. That is Positive Creation there. That is Truth. (The Dark Dimension being negative destruction and Lies). So, if you see Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control in something, you can rest in the guarantee that there is Truth in that.

If there is an opposite of positive aspects in something, there is a lie there somewhere. But, remember, nothing is cut and dried in these non-physical dimensions. Everything is fluid; “wibbly-wobbly and timey-whimey” (…do I need to site that reference for the non-Whovians? Or the above reference to X-Filing?).

Thus, you cannot expect to say “this whole Faith” or “that whole Religion” is either all Dark, or all Light. You need to sift. Become the archeologist of your own life and filter through (with a toothbrush if necessary), to find where the Light is leaking in.

As a mother-nurturing Oracle, allow me to come alongside and encourage you with a gentle warning. In your excited diligence to express your Truth (whatever that may be), are you being loving, joyful, gentle, or kind? Or are you being pushy, hard-headed, condemning, argumentative, and basically an all-around jerk? Those are not the qualities of the Light Dimension. Those are where the Darkness is seeping in to dim your brilliance. Be careful there, sweetheart. I love you.

On a final note, yes, the Light Dimension is where the Angels operate: Messengers of the Light. They may be human or all Spirit in nature.

As a last comment, for you (my reader) to know where I’m coming from, I will openly and briefly share that I have a deep, personal faith in Elohim. Elohim is a Hebrew word for God(s) plural.

It’s a direct reference the triune God of:

  • Creator Mother/Father (for God is not only masculine or feminine, rather a completion of both*, in all and neither);
  • Redeemer King Jesus (Who paid the price to Redeem us from the captivity of Darkness, and is now betrothed to the collective “church” of Humanitiy, being those who choose to love Jesus and follow his Light teachings); and,
  • Comforting Holy Spirit who is our ever-present Guide and Mentor in all these present Dimensions that we currently live.

This is my Mentor and Guide Who teaches me. This is my Source direct from Eternity.

[*I have more to say on the “completion” of masculine and feminine. Let me just quickly express that I believe masculinity and femininity for each individual is on is an MF SPECTRUM that we fluidly move through. Some are more masculine, others more feminine, many are a bizarre combination of this spectrum in divergent areas of life. Also, I believe that where your psyche finds itself on the MF Spectrum may or may not align with your physical body’s genitalia. This is not a mistake or a problem at all. Rather, it’s a gentle reminder from our Loving Creator that not all things can be defined or restricted by the physical dimension. So, let us celebrate our differences, and seek completion in multiple Dimensions with Positive Aspects, instead of only in the Physical Dimension of biology and lust…. there is so much more to say here. I’ll save it for another time.]