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Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 00:31 UTC
The Story of String Theory: A Multi-Dimensional Story-Verse (pt4)

I keep putting this one off. Death isn’t my favorite visitor.

I don’t believe coincidences are always happenstance. I do believe that some things happen for a reason. I also believe that we don’t always like the reasons, or know the reasons, nor that the reason makes any sense at all. But, I do think that sometimes things happen in an alignment of Timing. Like last night.

I completed writing my Light Dimension essay and posted it, feeling quite accomplished that I’d been able to post three days in a row! I was not looking forward to writing about the Darkness. As I took a break, I sat to scroll through my social media, and was delighted to see a friend of mine had an article written about her. She’s an acquaintance, to qualify appropriately. I’ve worked with her, gotten to know a little about her, been deeply inspired by her, and I’d been hoping to work further with her. I distinctly remember the last conversation we had together. We disagreed about something, very strongly, but I was able to share love with her and a positive attitude to encourage her. I am so glad for this.

The article written about her talked about her tragic and sudden death….   …   …   … /crushed.


The Dark Dimension Drawing Series, by Gregga J. Johnn

The Dark Dimension

The Dark Dimension, (as mentioned in the previous post), I will be defining as a place of Negative Destruction. Granted negative destruction is not always a bad thing. Some things need to be torn down, blown up, and thrown away. Death is an ending of a Life cycle. A seed must die and be buried before it can sprout and grow. Yet, Death often brings with it a season of grieving.

I’ve met Death before. The Death Reaper can be an imposing image to run into. In fact, there is much within the Dark Dimension that has a “creep factor” to it. But, I’ve learned that just because something invokes feelings of fear or anxiety within you, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad, or even scary.

Take nightmares for example. Many find nightmares to only be dark horrors of night time dreaming. But, dreams use a language that is different to the language we speak or know as verbal communication. Dreams speak in metaphysical and allegoric terms. Therefore, that which at first may seem scary and horrific, may also simply be a sign of transition, new season, or a warning for our own self-destructive tendencies. I’m being vague. I apologize, but remember these dimensions are not absolute. A certain amount of vague generalization is required.

However, because Death resides in the Dark Dimension, death may be misunderstood by being difficult to perceived. The Dark Dimension by nature is without light and therefore it is very difficult to “see”. Sometimes this darkness is simply a lack of light and revelation. Sometimes this darkness is a void of light. There is a difference. A void of Light is a where light cannot shine and therefore, it can be a place of deep evil. Whereas a lack of light is simply a place where light has been taken away. That is oversimplified, so please don’t try to apply doctrinal absolutes to that statement.

I only intent to warn you. Human curiosity often rises to the challenge and when we cannot see or understand something, we crave to change that and learn. That’s wonderful. I eagerly encourage all to seek to learn to understand.

Yet, be careful when you go poking in dark bear caves, for the bear may be home. I am talking about demons. There are many kinds. Some demons bleed in here from the Imaginarie Dimension with the fears our own minds create. Some demons are from the Memory Dimension, in recollections that trigger dark histories that we’ve not yet learned how to bless and pass out of our life. Also, a bleeding may occur from the Soul-part Dimension where we are our own worst darkness. But, there are also demons that are beings, creatures that were once from the Light Dimension but chose to leave and became distorted in the darkness. These are evil.

The evil in the Darkness only has one main purpose, (in three parts): to kill, to steal, and to destroy. The Father of Lies holds Regent principality in this place. He has a name, you know it: Satan hates God. Therefore, Satan will do all he can to kill, steal, and destroy everything God loves. God loves you and me and all of Creation. Therefore, we are the Bride and the children caught in the crossfire of an Eternal battle. An example of Satan’s greatest accomplishments of late is convincing many that all the horrors in the world that he is orchestrating, are to be blamed on God. So, if you believe that God is a horrible, negative entity, or even that such a being doesn’t exist at all… check your sources, please.

This battle will end someday. Until then, Jesus came to overcome the darkness and redeem us from it. So, we need not fear it, even when it seems to encroach upon our living.

Not all darkness is evil. Remember that. But, due to the unseen, shaded, and invisible nature of the dark, please be careful when poking around in there. Here is were I will, again, point out that Ghost lives existences matter. Please don’t go looking for them. Please don’t go stirring up paranormal activity, because you legitimately do not know if you will encounter a broken human soul, a past human being, some unexplained essence of energy, or if you will come face to face with a worker of perfect deception whose only intent is to kill something in your life, steal something from your life, and destroy as much of your life as it can.

Let us therefore combat the Darkness by not generating the power of the darkness with words, behaviors, or attitudes that align with it. If your attitude has a lack of love, joy, and peace (etc.), you may find ways to fill that lack. (Check out my book, Becoming TR3V3L3; at One with the Power of the Universe , where I discuss understanding your own soul energy and living well in our greater community of humanity.)

If you have a void of light in your life, this is a more serious state of being and I will talk more on this when we discuss the Soul-part Dimension. Only know that: ALL SOULS MAY BE REDEEMED. Where redemption means finding Light to fill your treasured soul, as opposed to being held prisoner by Darkness.

I am a Soul Healer. This is my Life passion, to bring Healing to the broken, captive, and wounded souls. I have lived in the Dark Dimension for almost two decades of my life. Darkness was my bedfellow on many a night. I have wandered the Hell halls of my shattered soul, experiencing multiple deaths, for so long that I know my way around. I can no longer get lost there. It’s deeply familiar to me, like an old home stomping ground.

If you find yourself lost in the darkness, please reach out. Reach out to someone. If you have no one close to you that you can trust, please reach out to me . I will do my best to pass out the map for how to find your own way out of the dark. My book mentioned above, (Becoming TR3V3L3) is a version of that map.

Death visited me this week. I’m still grieving and looking for ways to amplify the Light of Love and the efficient fuel power of Electric Joy in my life. I’m ok. It is well with my soul. Is it well with yours?

If you wish to read further exploits and adventures of this Oracle of Trevel, check out the website: Gregga J. Johnn & Story-in-the-Wings .