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Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 00:40 UTC
The Story of String Theory: A Multi-Dimensional Story-Verse (pt6)

What is mental illness and emotional distress? Where does it come from?

What if I told you, I know? Would you believe me?

What if I told you that all the labels and classifications of different mental illnesses are only the symptoms of a common problem? Would you want my credentials? How do I know this? Who am I that I could know what so many around the world have not quite been able to grasp an understanding on, yet?

What if I told you that I know, because I’ve learned form the inside, what’s going on. I’ve seen the darkness. I’ve lived in the darkness. I’ve been classified as “crazy” with my own label. Would you then dismiss anything I have to say, because I’m crazy?

You can do that. You can do whatever you want. But, maybe if you read what I’m about to share, you might see some truth hidden in my perspective that you will connect with. If that connection with my perception brings any light or furthers any journeys along a path of healing for you… then, I am ok with that. If nothing happens and you think me a fraud. Ok. Peace be with you, in whatever you do.

(Apologies: I don’t have a drawing in the series for this one, yet.)

Gold frost


A Human is made up of three parts: body, soul, and spirit. The body is the physical aspect and the spirit is the heart that is birthed and breathed into us directly from Divinity.

The Human Soul has three components to it: The Mind (how you process thoughts), The Will (how you make your choices), and Emotions (how you feel). These components are fluid and flexible, operating either alone, or in combination with the others.

In Theta Healing, we learn that there are also Levels to the Human Soul that make up our Soul DNA, beginning with the Core of the Soul. This first level is the make-up of all that has ever happened to us and how that affects us, from the moment of conception until this present moment. The second level is the Genetics of the Soul that hold the “short-term” memories handed down to us from our ancestors, back about seven generations. The Third level is the History of the Soul that consists of our ancestral memories passed down to us from deeper levels, up to about fourteen generations. The fourth level is the Soul Whole level where all blend and operate as one.

It is suggested that the History levels (and possibly the Genetic levels) are where past life memories come from. These are memories passed down to us in the same way as eye color: a physical trait passed down to us that once belonged to another human being, but now is ours. So too, some memories are passed down to us from our blood ancestors. These can be events (the traumatic ones being the most memorable, or “squeakiest wheel”) remembered by us even though they didn’t happen to us, but they are now our memories, (like the eye color is now ours).

As our memories, they affect our soul and how we function as a human. Most often, however, these genetic and historic memories are so deeply ingrained into our subconscious that we are not consciously aware of them, nor can we necessarily connect to these details to heal the damage done there. The process of Theta Healing attends to this healing. I won’t discuss it further here but do explore that research on your own.

What I am discussing here is the phenomenon of fracturing souls.

Traumatic and tragic events can cut into the core of our soul. Heartache can feel like a knife cutting into our non-physical flesh, as it mirrors the feeling of actual flesh cutting. These moments of tragedy or trauma may happen in one instance, be that a short moment or a longer extended amount of time, or they may happen in multiple visitations of trauma and tragedy over time. These moments of cutting into the soul may be the same event or thought, or they may be different ones that combine. Rarely is anything ever, only one thing.

There may also be “major life events” that cause big shifts and changes in our lives that add to this effect of cutting on our soul. This is not always a bad thing. Marriage and having babies are major life events that are wonderful celebrations. But it takes time for us to get our feet back under us after these big changes and settle into the newness of it all, before we feel confident in these changed life patterns. This adds to the stress and pressure applied to the soul.

Now, add the genetic and history levels of the soul. The major life events of our ancestors, that they never fully unpacked and resolved in their souls, are passed on to manifest continued stress in ours. Unresolved Soul Stress (as a loud squeaky wheel that needs attention) is often passed on to the next generation to try and deal with it. Of course, past generational tragedy and trauma is handed down as well.

But, don’t despair! The negative destruction of the Dark Dimension is only passed down to the children from the parents for about seven generations. Whereas the blessings of positive creation from the Light Dimension is passed down from parent to child for a thousand generations. What wonderful news! We can focus and draw upon the Light and empower that (for whatever you focus upon is what you empower in your own living) and have the blessings of a thousand generations of our ancestry amplified in our daily living. So, let that be and make it so.

But, what about immediate and present Mental illness and Emotional distress? Where does that all fit in?


A soul part is a piece of fractured soul that has not just been cut into by tragedy and trauma but has been cut off from the whole soul. Think of physical kitchen mishaps where you cut yourself with a knife by accident. You may only cut a sliver, or you might cut through your hand. In the most extreme cases, you may even cut off a finger. If this sort of “accidental occurrence” kept happening, or was happened upon you by another person, you might lose more than just a finger. You get the imagery.

This can happen to the human soul. The most obvious example of this happening in souls is with schizophrenia or dissociative identity disorder (DID, what was once known as Multiple Identity Disorder). But, the same thing occurs with Depression and Anxiety and PTSD in the way that your own soul breaks apart from the whole and begins attacking yourself with accusatory whispers, lies, and rehashing of past memories that just won’t let you go.

I long for the day when the medical community will approach all mental illness and emotional distress from the understanding that it’s all the same thing, that presents differently in different people. Why does it present differently in different people (and with differing levels of intensity)? Because each of us is a different person. We all have our own unique personality, our own set of events and circumstances, and we’ve all had different ways of dealing with this.

We are different. Therefore, we respond differently to the same stimuli. For Example: where chaos imposed upon one mother may be the last straw in a long line of soul stressors causing her soul to crack and present as bipolar; another mother may internalize this same chaotic pressure with such intensity, ignoring it consciously for the sake of keeping surface appearances beautiful, that her subconscious screams out to get her attention by creating cancer in the body. Yes, I just said that. I just said that sometimes cancer may be a physical manifestation of a soul level toxification. It may; sometimes.

In the end, it’s all about Stress: how much we have and how often we have it, how we deal with it, and what it deals to us. If we no longer come at mental illness and emotionally distressed Stress as a “crazy unhealable illness,” that needs to be sedated and locked away, but rather as a fracturing of the soul that needs to be unpacked and healed, then maybe we will have more success in finding peace within.

For if stress is our enemy, then Peace is our answer.

The problem is: the answer rarely looks how you expect it to look.

The journey of unpacking your shi-poo can be dangerous, difficult, and frightening. It’s easier to sedate, bury, and lock away the traumas and fears and stresses of our life for the short term immediate gratification. Then we can get on with the life that is pressing upon us right now. But the long term affects of this are devastating, and last unto seven generations of soul stress.

If your psyche operates more along masculine lines than feminine it may seem easier to ignore. I’ve heard more than one deeply masculine mind utter the phrase, “It’s worked good enough so far. Why should I change?” Because your unattended mess may explode all over you when you least expect it. That’s why.

Please note that I’m not saying if you’re a man or a woman. I’m talking about the MF Spectrum of how your psyche operates along masculine or feminine patterns which may or may not align with your physical body. We’re all different, remember.

The Masculine Mind more typically operates like a laser beam in a room of boxes. Each box has a different topic in it and you focus your laser attention upon only one box at a time and that one box only. These boxes are much easier to tape up, lock away, and forget in a corner never to be recovered or talked about again… until whatever is in that box festers in the darkness so long that it grows bigger than the boundaries of the box to leak out, spill over, or in the worst cases, explosively spew out all over everything else.

This is why unpacking your darkness, shining the light upon it, and imagining fresh and new ways of doing things, replacing broken and worn out memory patterns is so important. There are also different seasons that we need to operate in. A single person may live with one pattern that it no longer efficient or workable in a season of coupling. There’s nothing to fear in change. Only the fear will harm you. The change may refresh and rock you, but that’s ok. Enjoy the ride, hunker down in the boat, or get off at the next landing. You get to choose.

The Feminine Mind more typically operates like a bowl of marbles. We stir the bowl and have a radar approach that encompasses all things at all times. These marbles bump into other random marbles and a feminine mind will see the connection of the two and even bring up past connections of different marbles, because everything is all in together. It takes purposed discipline to pick out one marble and focus on only that one, because the bowl of all the marbles is still in view. But, putting a marble on a shelf above the bowl for a season may either become an obsession, so singular and close to our sight. or that marble may be set aside and admired without it harming or touching all the other marbles.

Some complicated souls may use a combination of both a radar focused marble bowl and a laser focused room of boxes. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Only that you mindfully tend to the places where darkness toxifies your soul. Wash your soul as much as you can. We all get dirty. Crying is an excellent way of washing up. Let the Light of Love in, maintain the electric machine of your Joy, and open the windows for a fresh Air of Peace. But most important… unpack the boxes and the marbles that are starting to smell sour before they explode all over everything else… and throw old shi-poo away. Compost is great for fertilizing next season’s garden.

For the mentally ill and emotionally distressed, it may take years and you may need the help of others to sit by your bowl in your room, as you sift through everything. There might be a lot buried that could surprise you and overwhelm you with horror and sickness. It’s ok! Throw up if you have to. Cry if you have to. Get up and go for a walk if you have to. TAKE A NAP AND REST when you need to! But, keep going. One box, one marble at a time.

There are plenty of wonderful counsellors in the medical community who can and love to help you. (I didn’t have much luck with that and ended up doing all my work under the counsel of Elohim, alone.) Help is out there. Sometimes it takes longer and more effort to find the help you can trust. Please keep looking.

You are a beautiful soul. You are worth the effort. If you don’t believe me then that is because the portal to the dark dimension is amplifying its lies in your direction. Go put some music on that comes from the Light dimension and give your ears a break from the lies.


I’ll say it again. You ARE a beautiful soul and you Are Worth the effort.

There is so much more to say here. But, for now, go unpack a happy memory and treasure your soul.