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Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 00:45 UTC
The Story of String Theory: A Multi-Dimensional Story-Verse (pt7)

Let’s just dive in…



“Agony overcast by Joy” by Gregga J. Johnn

You may have seen the movies and shows that propose this idea. One choice made, creates one reality, where another choice made will change everything, or only a few things.

There are now mathematical hypotheses being tested and proved that show the possible existence of physical dimensions that come from varying choices made in our lives. Granted if you seriously consider this: how many choices a human makes in one day plus how many humans are alive plus how many humans have ever lived… the amount of these alternate realities reaches numbers that our human brain simply cannot comprehend.

Whether or not there are actual physical dimensions that shoot off from our choices, I personally do not know. I’ve never been there, but I have faith to believe such is possible. I also recognize that such a thought is not something I am choosing to dwell on, here.

In this essay, I’m focusing more on the Alternate Realities that influence and infiltrate our daily physical realms. The place of “what ifs.” This is a dangerous and terrifying place. Ask any mother.

To not be sexist, I will switch my language to say “feminine mind” as opposed to mother (being the female bodied human with children). A feminine mind may be in any body at any level of intensity and expression. This is the “marble bowl mind” that when they see their child (or possibly a pet) climb to stand on a table, instantly all the marbles of every possible accident that could ever happen and then twice as many that likely would never happen, suddenly gush and swirl about their mind, sending messages of panic through the system that burst out in a loud and seemingly angry expression of two words, “GET DOWN!”

Breathe. /giggle.

It’s ok to think like this, as long as we may learn to facilitate the swirling. Managing the thoughts and expressions of our soul is the masterful craft in the hands of all humans. The ability to see differing “alternate realities” is a gift! And a bane. We are the archeologists of our soul, sifting and brushing aside the dirt and muck, to find the treasure that hides in our most natural resources and history of personality.

Many older parents, when they reach grandparent stage, have learned to relax. A young parent still feels the weighty stress of being responsible for the welfare and upbringing of a small human life. It’s daunting and terrifying. But, after several years of dreadful mistakes, amusing anecdotes, and wonderful stories, we may gain confidence that not everything needs to be a stress. A thing may be important, but we don’t have to worry or stress about it, because that won’t ever change the thing. Worry and stress only ever changes the atmosphere of our own heart… and why would you choose to live in that storming when you could live in the peace of delight and acceptance?

In a practical example of this, a parent might scream, “Get Down,” where a grandma might say, “come here and let’s bake cookies.” This is a very falible and simple example. Please don’t apply deep doctrine and absolutes to this or refute this example because you’ve seen different out comes. That is an alternate reality for which I cannot write every possible outcome down as an example. I’m trusting that you, my reader, can apply the lesson here to your own experience; and do so with a grin or a giggle. It’s ok to chill and relax in your life. If fact, that’s healthier for your, to have a relaxed atmosphere closest to your soul for the longest amount of time.

This Air of Peace within is where our fluidity allows the light to blow and shine in brightest through our cracks. (Leonard Cohen). Here’s another thought about possible realities from the wisdom of Reddit “shower thoughts”:

“When people think about travelling to the past, they worry about accidentally changing the present, but no one in the present really thinks they can radically change the future.” {submitted 05 Nov 2016 by kai1998}

While Regret comes from dwelling too long on alternate realities of the past and present, presumption may come from guessing to quickly what the fluid future has in store for us. The 10 th Doctor Who wisely teaches us that Time is “wibbly-wobbly and timey-whimey.”

The future as I see it, is ever fluid, flittering and changing with each choice made. The more people involved in a choice, or affected by a choice, then the more probable outcomes there are that may eventuate. This is why it’s not wise to obsess over the “what ifs” of the future. There may indeed be “fixed points” in Time that we can never change. Yet, I think we may only find these fixed moments by looking at them in the past. Nothing in the future is truly fixed, as we perceive it. For perception is filtered through individual realities. One person may presume one thing, where another will think something entirely different: and both may be truth.

Fact and Truth often have very little to do with each other.

To go back to Mental Illness and Emotional Distress as they relate to Alternate Reality dimensions, this is where we choose or have the choice imposed upon us, to live in an alternate reality to the truth. The truth is you are loved, you are valuable, you are treasured, and you can heal and transform from any darkness that toxifies your life. But, the reality you live in is the reality dictated to you by a fractured soul part, or possibly a very real demon from the dark dimension, or a chemical imbalance of your physical body, or any other number of distortions meant to kill, steal, and destroy your daily peace. PLEASE DO NOT PRESUME DEMON!

Let me tell you a very intimate story of my own fractured soul. In fact, let me do something “crazy” and hand my keyboard over to one of my own soul-parts.

Where I once was deeply fractured and at war with myself in that fracturing, I have now come to peace accords with my soul. We live united, though still somewhat separate, because some things when broken do not need to go back to what they once were. Instead, they become beautiful parts of our gifting. The allegory of this is once I was a crushed and shattered piece of coal. But, after the great, heated-pressure of Divine healing, I am now a diamond with multiple facets, able to look upon the world through more than one perspective. It’s a wonderful gift that I would never give up all the darkness I’ve lived through, in order to lose this brilliant Life, I now have.

This particular Soul-Part I’m introducing you to, is named Trevel. She is my kind mermaid who swims through the ocean of emotion to discover and uncover lost treasures and ancient ships.

I am Trevel. That name is also used for the story-verse we write in. (Like Sydney is both a hometown city from my childhood and the name of the daughter of a friend of mine.) My name is Trevel. I was once a dreaded siren. Men loved me, and I ate their hearts and souls fresh from what living I could seduce and steal from them. Not that kind or pretty a thought is it?

I was like that because I had a dark amplification of reality alternating through my soul part. I was separate and angry. The whole world was against me. I’d been cut off from my soul-whole through events that were against my wishes and had nothing to do with my choices (at least my pride believed that) and all misery was imposed upon me by others. I was devastatingly lonely; being cut off. I was a rebel victim, eager to remain miserable and inflict as much misery upon others as I could. This is the reality that I lived in… until, I began talking to my other soul parts. It was hard at first and we argued a LOT. But, then I realized how much damage I was inflicting upon my whole self. You see, I didn’t feel the pain. That wasn’t my job to carry that. I am the defender, the strong one who made sure that others attacking and stealing from me got what they had coming to them. My appearance was very “demonic” in nature. But, I was NOT such an evil. I was a victim, wallowing in victim mentality.

Then, I met Guinevere. She was called little Gwennie back then. We’ve all changed and grown since. Little Gwennie is the inner child of us and it was her job to carry all the pain that I was causing. She was my burden bearer. I was so busy facing the fight, looking for someone to attack and defend us against that I never saw how much she was carrying. I didn’t see the chains that cut into her and weighed her down. I had no idea how much horror I was inflicting upon myself in an effort to stop horror being inflicted upon me.

The only reason I began to understand this, is I opened my understanding to the Alternate Realties that were living along side me, as my own soul whole. Communicating with myself helped me see that.

TALK TO YOURSELF. You may learn a lot.

I will say one more thing before handing back to Lyndee. (Together we are the collective of Gregga-Joy.) Once I began talking to my selves, Lyndee re-introduced me to our Creator Elohim. I have never known more LOVE than I did in allowing myself to be loved by the One Who made me and the One Who died to save me from darkness: Jesus. This Divine Love is what redeemed and restored me. This is my peace, this is my kindness. Under this Love mentoring I transformed from a dark siren, back into the Reality I was supposed to be living! I became the kind and gentle mermaid that I practice living out now. I am a pearl farmer! All the tears that were shed in years of past agony, each tear was collected and held precious by Elohim. My Mother Father Creator placed each desperate tear into an oyster and hid it away in the depths of my em-ocean until I was ready to live my True Reality. Now, each of these tear drops has irritated the muscles for so long that they are encased in the rainbow mucus of an oyster… and they are now PEARLS!

There is so much WONDER waiting for You in the heart of our Loving Creator. I hope you discover as much and more than I have.

Back to Lyndee here, origional scribe. We go by the name Gregga-Joy which means “Joy-filled Observer.” I can tell you, after the two decades of miserable, agonizing darkness that I have known as my reality, I am deeply grateful that there are Alternate Realities do discover and create.

I don’t care where you are in your life, or what is happening, what has happened, or what others think has happened: YOU ARE PRECIOUS! I can’t say this enough. You Are Worth the effort it will take to transform your life from whatever reality you may be living in that is filled with fractured soul-parts fighting with you, or darknesses whispering lies to you. There is Freedom available to you in the Memory of Light and the Imagination of Light to recreate your Reality to something Alternating in the wonder of Love, Joy, and Peace.

I’ll ask you again: why would you choose to live in storming when you could live in the peace of delight and acceptance? Start the conversation with your soul today and invite the Divine Creator of Light and Love into the Peace talks with you. There is no better Mediator than Jesus. Call on him by Name. What else are you going to do with your life?

There is Freedom! Go live it.