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Asg 11, 02 / Jun 28, 18 00:49 UTC
The Story of String Theory: A Multi-Dimensional Story-Verse (pt8)

I don’t know everything.


The longer we traverse this Life, the more we realized how little we know. That is why a fifteen-year-old understands all the mysteries of how life should be lived, and a ninety-five-year-old will sit in the corner giggling like a small child in wonder at how little they know.

Yet, I believe we can learn more from the ninety-five-year-old than the fifteen-year-old, mostly because I remember what I was like when I was fifteen. Silly punk that I was. I love that young girl. She was remarkable. She didn’t know much at all, but I loved her confidence and the fool she often made of herself. What a treasured memory that still causes some embarrassment. But, now I just laugh in love with her.

When we can embrace our foolishness, we may dance in glee over the past. Sure, there are moments that still hurt, but embrace the pain. For in embracing the pain, we take hold of the marbles and boxes in our soul rooms and unpack them.

We can toss aside and pile up all the mistakes. Think of them as temporary branches that can be cut off from the tangled weave of our jungle mind. Then we can gather them up and pile them high in the cycle of faithfulness. Applying our patient fire of lessons learned to this pile, we may dance naked about the bonfire in celebration!

Other piles of shi-poo that will not burn on the bonfire can be set aside for a cold season. Let the kind hard-justice of ice and snow pile over these mistakes for a while. Then, when that kindness melts in liquid refreshment, or steams off in a released sigh, then that pile of shi-poo is now transformed into wondrous compost.

Spread that shi-post all over your soul garden and watch the abundance of produced fruit (or veggies) that grow stronger and healthier. Harvesting the Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-control from our soul garden may rake in so much exponential growth that you have more than enough to share with family and friends, or even sell some for others wandering by.

The above is a brief overview of my Soul-Garden allegory. I wrote another essay about it and how we use that to relate to others in our living. That can be found in my poetry and prose book, Collecting Thoughts & Dreams .

There is so much more to explore than anything I have expressed in these last nine posts. While I hope to continue this discussion by publishing it in another book to come, these principles can be seen everywhere in my writing.

If you look for more conversation, in a text exploration, I’ll point again to the book, Becoming TR3V3L3: At One with the Power of the Universe , where I unpack a deeper look at the Trevel Unum philosophy of Soul Energy applied with Positive Aspects. It’s a personality and relationship discovery book, with inspirational answers to the question I posed myself, “why can’t we all just get along?”

There is also a mediation guide companion book for this one that walks through The Lord’s Prayer in alignment with the traditional Chakras and on through a completed Trevel Chakra called, The TR3V3L3 Chakra .

My apologies for this advertisement. I really want to share all the cool stuff that I’ve experienced and written down as a scribe. There are several Fantasy/Sci-fi and Allegory books to read, too. Not to mention my three blogs , LOL. You can check it all out on my website .

Back to this essay, however. I am excited to see what more is out there in this world of Multiple Dimensions. I’d also love to work with others who are more mathematically or scientifically learned and inclined than I, to see if my philosophy Story-theory that I’m posing here, (as a truth that is real to me) may be “proved” or hypothesized in other forms and formulas.

The focus of all that I write here is to emphasize the reminder that YOU ARE PRECIOUS AND TREASURED. YOU ARE LOVED. YOU ARE WORTH THE EFFORT TO FIND YOUR BEST SELF.

Have I said that enough for you to believe me, yet?

We listen to so many lies, every day, that it is much easier to believe them.

Please continue to explore your own soul. Even if you disregard anything or everything I say here, may that be so that you explore the truth of your own soul health and well-being. Then my work will be satisfied.


Celebrate your Soul. You are Treasured. You are Precious.

I leave you with my TR3V3L3 UNUM motto:

Be Well, Live Hard, Love Harder.

Peace and Goodwill be with you.

(PS- the word Trevel/TR3V3L3 means, “at one with the power of the universe,” & Unum is Latin for, “unity.”)