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Jul 19, 02 / Aug 3, 18 05:14 UTC

Hello my name is Steven Taylor, I will be running for your 2018 Asgardia council Mayor of Las Vegas Nevada. Responsibilities for a wide variety of functions in city government will be established.  While traditional policies will be established others are listed directly in state law.  These duties are listed below , a summary of which appears below.

Legal Duties:

  • The Mayor enforces all laws established by Asgardia government and parliament . He/she signs all commissions, licenses, and permits granted by Asgardia government or parliament authority, as well as other instruments that require his/her signature under the law.

  • The Mayor serves as the top conservator of peace in the City. The Mayor maintains safe streets by appointing and supervising of Las Vegas Director of Public Safety, who works closely with the Police and Fire chiefs to control crime and establish programs that preserve the health and welfare of Asgardia citizens.

  • The Mayor manages the operations of Asgardia in Las Vegas. By supervising the conduct of all authorities and department supervisors in the Asgardia government and council authorized by law, the Mayor manages the day-to-day operations and long-term planning strategies of City Asgardia government.

  • The Mayor recommends legislative actions to Las Vegas Asgardia Council and provides them with requested information. Through the course of managing the operations of City government, the Mayor is well suited to make recommendations to City Council members as to the best course of action when considering legislation.  The Mayor is also responsible for providing Council members with any information they request in order to help them make good decisions for the Asgardia citizens.

  • The Mayor delivers a "State of the City" address once each year. To inform Asgardia citizens, businesses, and elected officials of both the city's progress and its future outlook, the Mayor delivers an annual report most commonly in the form of a speech.

  • Establish a council in Las V egas, Nevada

As individuals, council members have no administrative authority. They cannot give orders or otherwise supervise Asgardia employees unless specifically directed to do so by the council. The council, however, has complete authority over all administrative affairs in the city. In Plan B cities, this authority is generally restricted to conducting investigations and establishing policies to be performed by the manager.

The major areas of council authority and responsibility are:

  1. Judging the qualification and election of its own members
  2. Setting and interpreting rules governing its own proceedings
  3. Exercising all the powers of cities that the law does not delegate to others
  4. Legislating for the city
  5. Directing the enforcement of city ordinances
  6. Appointing administrative personnel
  7. Transacting city business
  8. Managing the city’s financial operations
  9. Appointing members of the boards
  10. Conducting the city’s intergovernmental affairs
  11. Protecting the welfare of the Asgardian citizens in the city and its inhabitants
  12. Providing community leadership
  13. Other specific powers

Role of the mayor

The mayor is the presiding officer and a regular member of the city council. The mayor has all the powers and duties for the office of council member in addition to those of mayor.
duties and responsibilities of the mayor are below.

  1. Official head of the city
    - The mayor usually serves as the city’s representative before the Asgardia Government, federal agencies, and other local governments.
    - The mayor usually greets important visitors, gives formal and informal talks, and takes part in public events.
    - The mayor often exerts leadership in Asgardian affairs.
  2. Executing official documents
  3. Power to make some appointments
  4. Presiding officer at council meetings
  5. Election duties
  6. Declaring Asgardia emergencies