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Aug 4, 02 / Aug 16, 18 11:05 UTC
To the national ideology of Space Kingdom of Asgardia.

To the national ideology of Space Kingdom of Asgardia.
Today it is becoming clear that in Asgardia there is a shortage of ideological approaches to understanding the reality surrounding us, there is no understanding of the near and more distant goals of the development of society in the Space Kingdom of Asgardia. Moreover, we are not in a position to answer the most pressing questions, for example: "Who are we?", "How are we different from others on the Earth?", "तत् त्वम् असि?", "Which state should we build?" And so on .
Why did it happen so? Probably, not least because our current Constitution (Russian version) prohibits politics and there is not one word about ideology. And this is a paradox. After all, the constitution itself is a purely ideological document that fixes certain traditions, introduces new norms and so on. Nevertheless, worldview issues in the Space Kingdom of Asgardia society is, but no answers to them yet.
Therefore it is not surprising that the state ideology will soon become in the Space Kingdom of Asgardia more and more relevant and discussed subject. Questions remain:  Does the society in Space Kingdom of Asgardia now have a request for a national state ideology and a national idea? The general public of Asgardia, and not among the political elite or among intellectual ideology?
I believe that in such a formulation these questions would be correctly posed to the sociologists of Asgardia. Since these questions are not some kind of abstract evaluation, but precise research and measurements. It is difficult for me to say whether such studies were conducted recently, whether questions were formulated and what conclusions could be drawn from the answers of the public opinion fund or other sociological services of Asgardia.
The second.
What is the experience of the participants in the election campaign. So far only about the purpose and desires. The time of collective and personal actions and initiatives has not yet come, judging by the main news and forums of Asgardia. Appearing periodically thoughts try to unite the asgardians from different districts for the implementation of possible projects, while organizationally and motivationally far from the desired and the goals of the Asgardia itself. However, active people find common language in forums and in discussions, a common understanding of the world, common approaches, but rarely reach the stated topics of discussion. Why? What is the number of active number of Asgardians participating and building today Space Kingdom of Asgardia?
The attempt at digital social construction of the asgard is an interesting and most important question. If the national ideology is not developed from within the Space Kingdom of Asgardia, then sooner or later it will be imposed from the outside.
Today in the Space Kingdom of Asgardia there are no fundamental differences yet, paradoxically, the part is explained by the absence of parties and movements, questions about the past of the country, the current state of affairs, the current situation, that the nation and the population need to do further.
Many of those who participated in the elections to the parliament of Asgardia are a very important intermediate result, its results can be assessed in different ways, but fixing its nation boldly goes to the mayoral election company.
From our point of view, this promotes and testifies to the demands of society for a unified ideology, on a single worldview, on a common national idea, which includes the elements and fairness of social and national justice and the priority of state interests.
If the ordinary people of Asgardia are objectively considered by the ordinary elections, they voted for the Head of the Nation as for the defender of their interests, as well as for defending the interests of Asgardia and the entire nation of the people in the face of potential external and internal threats. When choosing different candidates for the parliament of Asgardia, people ultimately voted for the same ideas! The author is convinced that regardless of the individual and the assessments that the very idea of the association and participation of the Asgardians in the construction of the nation can and will change, it is promising and in demand precisely by the broad masses of the society of Asgardia.
If we talk about the national idea and practical value for the society of Asgardia, its practical value is extremely important. The society is still free from manipulation of current processes by any external forces, including those that disguise themselves as "followers".
And in this sense, the ability to unite, the ability to shape the subjectivity of Asgardia, the ability to resist manipulation, the ability to find the unifying primary and to reject the separative secondary and to be independent to achieve the goals of Asgardia.
In this sense, the presence of an adequate, and unreasonable problems of society, adequate to the real problems of the society of Asgardia within the framework of a single national ideology, seems to be the most important element of confronting the external manipulation of the nation, both by external and internal technological "elites" pursuing external goals that are foreign to Asgardia's interests.
I believe that the majority of a common understanding of a clear real problem, a national ideology that is not imposed from somewhere outside but developed from within, is the most important prerequisite for the emergence of Asgardia as an international space entity that can move forward, resist manipulation and, ultimately, lead the nation and society to development.
And what do you think?