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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Oct 19, 02 / Oct 26, 18 11:13 UTC


Today is the first day of the first economic forum of Asgardia. I would venture to suggest that, after numerous discussions, there will be no discussion of the planet Earth’s audit-related illusions.

If Asgardia is a mirror of the Earth, then tomorrow is October 27, 2018 on the eighteenth lunar day of the lunar cycle until 18:51 UTC + 3 Moscow. (CET UTC+1h Nice. France) On this day, the mirror reflects what is in front of you and the Asgardians events, people and opinions about yourself and your projects related to the further development of Asgardia

The forum is the platform where you can conduct a revision of the illusions of the planet Earth for the entire time of its existence, without this there is no further movement. Perhaps there are those who will object to this initiative. Fortunately, it is possible and able to do on the net too many institutes of university philosophy on planet Earth.

The history of world illusions will allow comprehending the world hypnotized by the forms of the digital millennium and that world where Asgardia strives. Perhaps the understanding of human capital, as the initial provision of national digital currencies will allow Asgardia to go beyond the social matrix, see the situation as a whole and take the necessary actions. The world institutions of money have long been bursting at the seams - these are just pieces of paper that have not been supported by gold or other alternative software for a long time. Today, every little bit open organization can print their money, their digital money. The world continues to be in the illusion of happiness and the game of money created by others. Will Asgardia and its citizens be happy in games with digital national currency, which will create itself? Forum members today more than ever need to keep balance and control the process of finding ideas related to human development and the economy of Asgardia. In the coming days, guests and forum participants will not be able to relax due to the complexity of the topics discussed. We hope that before the new moon phase you will be able to finish all the work begun. It is also symbolic that the venue of the first economic forum of Asgardia is the city of Nice, which was founded by the Greeks in the middle of the 4th century BC. er and was named Nikaya in honor of the victory goddess Nika, to commemorate the victory. We wish the participants and organizers of the First Asgardia Economic Forum, which will be held October 26-28, 2018 in Nice, to the forum participants of victory in this unusual forum and let the forum eventually grow into the World Space Economic Forum (WSEF). The purpose of the WSEF is to organize annual meetings in Nice, where leading leaders of the space industry, world space agencies, and business, cosmonauts, political leaders, prominent thinkers, and journalists will be invited to the meetings. The subject of discussion will be the most acute world problems related to the development of man and space, including the development, protection, and preservation of outer space.