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Nov 14, 02 / Nov 18, 18 18:28 UTC

We live in an universe which we can see and touch. But there is also an opposite universe which we can mostly not see or grab. Sometimes there are special events in the universe which make us question if there are also other things in the universe. These events can mostly be understand as anti or dark things. I personally have a problem with these dark naming's, i prefer to name them as anti from something i know, this way i have a connection to our real world and it is not standing loose on itself. I have here a list of wordings i use to describe the goings in the universe, it is part of a bigger map. Don't worry if it is not 100% correct, it is just meant as an example to make the universe understandably in a simple way.

Grtz, Dirk.

Nov 15, 02 / Nov 19, 18 08:14 UTC
Как говорят ученые 90% во Вселенной занимает Черная материя , т.е. та материя которую мы не видим ...
Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 14:32 UTC
I have created a language, and the words of this languange are very close of that. You can help me, if you want, the language is about 70% finished in it's core.
Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 14:37 UTC
... it,' a científic language, that resume the meaning of the things, the will. but I have to invented the "words" too (sometimes the word is an idea that means a 1000 pages text), that's a problem, new keyboard we must have.
Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 14:46 UTC
... Sometimes the symbol (letter) is a letter, other word, other words, other phrases... Other text that only describes itself on 1000 pages, at the very least.
Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 14:47 UTC
... cool, isn't?
Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 21:29 UTC
Cool, but sounds to complicated for my little brain. :-)
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 12:13 UTC
da de fea dinoma. quer dizer que você é um mentiroso. kkkkk
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 12:26 UTC
Only a smart person admit that is not smart, and is not liar, "fea" is shhhh, i stolen from J.R.R T, The Silmarilion, "spirit" in elfic ... Just note it, didn't mean to do that, now it is done da dde fea dinoma means"the spirit of the man desconstruct and ...
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 12:28 UTC
actualy dinoma is thinking. you thing in something to say that.
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 12:40 UTC
It is fair proportional, in its proporcinality of Acord with the reasonableness of the idea that he wanted to pass, just in his idea, did the best he could. You want to know if I’m intelligent but sorry, I am The mental retarded but if I'm that all theThe world's ...
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 12:29 UTC
you have a gold, and I'm the dumbest pearson you ever talk, that's your gold, you wanna know that.
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 11:57 UTC
Ok, anyone that say what you just wrote is very very smart, don't a large brain for it, there is a word in my language for your comment, I called
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 12:01 UTC
... call it there is no sound. means silence, think, the pearson that is talking to you deserve your best logic, whit a poit above the letter is language. and is a silence the letter, cool don't you think?
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 12:02 UTC
got to invent a letter for terrible english ...
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 12:09 UTC
I already done it, "dalea droit nen" .
Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 21:28 UTC
My language resume above language in one word or two. maybe 3. sorry, letter, 3 letters.
Nov 16, 02 / Nov 20, 18 21:30 UTC
And you will get it. You will know what it means.
Nov 17, 02 / Nov 21, 18 16:20 UTC
Well, for me personally it is all about explaining it in simple ways so that i who had no education can understand what is going on between the space-observations and the mathematical-formulas. I try to find shortcuts and simplifications as the mathematicians do with their formula's but then in simple ...
Nov 18, 02 / Nov 22, 18 20:16 UTC
I tried to create a language with symbols that are in the subconscious mind, but it is complicated to make all ideas fit, it is to be simple to understand and be able to talk complicated things in a way that people without understanding in the subject can understand more ...
Nov 18, 02 / Nov 22, 18 20:39 UTC
The language would consist of 1. Phrases with symbols to explain ideas that can not be explained with words sometimes. 2. "Normal" or "usual" words, but a language of its own. 3. Mathemathics. And not discarding any tongue. But you raised a question and I think, it is very advanced ...
Nov 18, 02 / Nov 22, 18 22:49 UTC
I think you would have more change if you would learn it to an AI, that way you could both communicate in that language and find maybe new words or symbols.