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Nov 20, 02 / Nov 24, 18 17:36 UTC
Moon geology..

If we are planning to build on the moon then it is necessary to know what we can find where. The only  geologist on the moon was with the Apollo 17 mission, that was some time ago. Luckily we have better technology now and can from distance examine the moon, all be it not so profound as touching the real stuff. Ok, first we need concrete materials and maybe steam to mix and moisture them. I suppose the overall moon dust will be fine as a basic material. If we could find ice in the same place then that would be a surplus for a factory. Making concrete roads would make transportation faster and concrete plains would be good for landings and take-offs. Lets build with concrete on the moon.

Grtz, Dirk.

Nov 20, 02 / Nov 24, 18 17:40 UTC
Nov 21, 02 / Nov 25, 18 02:27 UTC
The lunar base will allow a site with equipment to explore the minerals that the asteroids possess, it is known that many of them can provide precious metals and the lunar materials themselves can form the moon-iglues of the settlement, if a wonderful idea
Nov 21, 02 / Nov 25, 18 02:28 UTC
Nov 21, 02 / Nov 25, 18 02:29 UTC
Asteroid mining is no longer science fiction, but a reality that materializes at times and is already setting off a whole "gold rush" space between countries and companies around the world. The idea, in principle, is simple. In the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, millions of ...