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Nov 20, 02 / Nov 24, 18 18:13 UTC

Lets not confuse laws with ideals. A law is a limitation where we can move in. An ideal has no limits.
For example: we have a law of moving for max. 50km/h. This law is for safety. It says that it is preferable to not go over that speed or else there is danger for accidents. So if you cross that safety limit then you are a danger for other people and you have to pay a fee.
Now, take ideal, you can move at whatever speed you want, but if you see a sign with 50km/h then you must be careful to not cross this limit because of the possible accidents. So it would be wise to take down your speed to not harm yourself or other people. If you do not consider the slowdown then you will have to pay a fee.
Most will say that the second part is a lie or misinformation, to me it is about a possitive mindset or reasoning.

Grtz, Dirk.

Nov 21, 02 / Nov 25, 18 05:25 UTC
интересно ...и что ?
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 04:25 UTC
The law is an ideal. it is a something that must be and never get there, because the world is in constant change, the law is not a "be" it is a "must be".
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 04:30 UTC
Well, sorry my bad english, the wise man made that understanding, not me, so ... the law is not "be" it is a "must be" it is not perfect, justice is an ideal, Always we will change, hope for better, the "must be". and the interpretation have some of it, ...
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 04:33 UTC
resuming: the law is an ideal.
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 04:53 UTC
I made a a page more 60 pages i had already done to explain it, but that is it, the law is : "must be, duty to be", in portuguese: a lei é um dever ser, não um ser. And there a mechanisms to be this thing. like:The Law, has ...
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 05:51 UTC
But I agree. It,' a very good understanding of were put the signs and the policy in matter of law of speed, not everybody an make a curve in 170 Km/h when everyone makes in 40 Km/h, is a matter of physics, is a simple matter of mat, vectors, more ...
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 06:06 UTC
I have to modify the left front tire whith a knife, very cool, don't do this, I already change the tire, is against the law,didn´' now it, but, donot excuseme, but the police didn't cought me, if they do, they would find it very cool I bet, the guys in ...
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 06:18 UTC
I'm not dead. I did it after cientific experiments, and the tire should be modified to rain, but the experiments, show me that it was a desgrace for rain, but speed, in curve by left, well 170 km/h in a curve for 40 km/h ..... it Works.
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 06:27 UTC
and i makde rocket fuel, that I almost talk to theguy up there. the secret is cow cheet. yes cow sheet, but it is just when you don't have Money, not vry potent, I guess, I have to try when my trauma to explode the building is better. well maybe ...
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 06:32 UTC
do not do that if you do not know how to do, it is very dangerous, learn quimestry first, and still, do not do it, whithout my formula, it Works, but, maybe it was luck, have to do it again in a control experimente, a 20 times to make sure ...
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 06:46 UTC
Please, sorry, it is not symple, cow sheet makes fark, fark is fire, it make it more dangerous and potent, it is complicatede, sorry, but I cannot erase the post, do not do it, agaun do not do it is dangerous, the guys that discover the rocket fuel eplode a ...
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 06:58 UTC
I give you my word, I burn how to explode the planet, is to dangerous to me to know, but, i have fotographyc memory, almost, trying to forget it, the details and numbers I have to remember, I'm trying to save the planet, so, I got to know how he ...
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 07:24 UTC
but if I say it, to everyone, people will know how easy it is, and they will Wake up: man, the panet is not so safe, got to be another planet to live, whath do you think? somethink to apreciste in your mind. is just, man is so cool, I ...
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 07:27 UTC
come on is just ....afff man is so cool and interesting is affff! the planet have a core made of iron ,,,
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 07:39 UTC
and there is nothing to do about it. Is about the moon, and damn ... ok. is that but you don't now how, wen, and it is not just iron.
Nov 22, 02 / Nov 26, 18 07:40 UTC
Better stop talking.
Nov 23, 02 / Nov 27, 18 05:33 UTC
Discard everything I said in the last 48 hours, I had a concussion, I hit my head, I do not sleep and I was talking on the internet and I was not me … My head was not thinking very well, a drunk dizzy Alice in Wonderland. There was nobody ...
Nov 23, 02 / Nov 27, 18 13:45 UTC
No problem Diogo, i hope you are doing well, take care.
Nov 25, 02 / Nov 29, 18 21:15 UTC
I'm better now. Is the second time I have a concussion, so It's a concussion that doesn't cause any damage, just stay a little weird for a few days, it's a normal reaction that totally disappears. No neurological side effects, I'm practically a PHD in neurology in this matter because ...
Nov 25, 02 / Nov 29, 18 21:24 UTC
But I had luck, again, resuming the classification, non several concussions could be very problematic, can last days, weeks or months.