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Nov 27, 02 / Dec 1, 18 21:38 UTC
new theory..

Today i question the expanding universe, the big-bang, etc.. Lets start with a galaxy but i will also be talking about other happenings who follow one and the same theory. Lets start by imagining space as a big collection of bubbles. How big that the universe itself is i can not tell for the moment, we will have to find new ways to look even further as our strongest telescopes. But lets work with the observable universe.

A galaxy, it is a heap of stars that is captured by a black-hole aka heavy core. Some galaxy's have many black-holes, that comes from eating smaller galaxy's or sleeping black-holes without a galaxy. Lets imagine that our galaxy is in fact a bubble in space. The mass in this bubble is directed towards the center what gives a view of a shrinking mass inside the static space bubble. The same goes for all galaxy's in the universe, they are all bubbles next to each other till a bigger galaxy eats an other one. We could view it as soap bubbles that are forming continuously bigger bubbles till the balance is destroyed and an explosion happens in that bubble.

This theory should be the same on an atom level, space stays the same only the atoms get together to form a higher density or heavier atom with their cell border being the electron fields which occupy now a two atom space with double electrons, by manner of speaking of-course.

We can also fit this theory in our solar-system as the sun is attracting more mass to the center of our solar-system, space around it is not shrinking or expanding, it is the inner mass that comes closer together while electrons and magnetic fields are going the opposite way to counter act our part in the galaxy.

So we see two rules, gravity that makes mass heavier and denser, and magnetic and electrons that are the opposite of that force and are creating our bubbles. Atomic bubbles, star-bubbles, galaxy-bubbles and probably but not sure, also universal bubbles.

So if at what ever level a bubble explodes, it would be a good candidate to propose that the so called big-bang would have been an exploding heavy core or black-hole that was getting instable and that it would have been evaporating everything inside its potential exploding-force bubble.

Maybe the micro-wave background is the border of our local universal explosion caused by an instability inside our universal bubble. Now i can hear people say, but that is not possible, our universe is expanding. Ok, if we are on mass that is shrinking then it would be a false interpretation of expanding. Space stays the same, it is mass in the space-bubbles that shrinks where by we think that mass does not shrink and space expands, while it is in fact the opposite.

So, remember when you are blowing bubbles, then think of this bubble-theory.

Grtz, Dirk.

Nov 28, 02 / Dec 2, 18 08:49 UTC
Добрый день. Трудно спорить с опанентом не имея возможности РЕАЛЬНО на ПРАКТИКЕ доказать ему ошибочность его мнений ...Веть как не крути а даже те мнения что мы считаем незыблемыми вполне могут быть ошибочны . А потому и теория эта расширяющейся Вселенной вполне может быть ошибочна , хотя скажем десятилетие назад ...
Nov 28, 02 / Dec 2, 18 12:06 UTC