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Dec 17, 02 / Dec 19, 18 02:15 UTC

Tonight i woke up with an idea about sub-particles. We know that atoms have particles and that these particles have even more sub-particles. These are very sticky so they must have come from great energy sources. My idea is now that every time there is a big outburst of gamma-rays that these sub-particles are send out in to the nearest local universe and while traveling true mass at a certain moment they insert themselfs in to the atom-particles from the same family. So we could assume that atoms are in fact getting heavier as time passes. Now if we go further to the jets of black-holes in the center of galaxy's, they produce even more sub-particles which are spread over even far more distances putting there signatures of sub-particles in the local galaxy atoms. From here we can say that every galaxy has his own sub-particle signature and their own bizarre entanglements that where created inside heavy cores. I would assume that even our sun is sending out these sub-particles which would make us build up out of most of the suns sub-particles making us true offspring of the sun. We are solar creatures.

Grtz, Dirk.