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Dec 28, 02 / Dec 30, 18 18:40 UTC
space data

Space data, the next sources of income. If we could send a mini-satellite with a cam and other sensors to the asteroid belt and let it drift along within the belt while we store some close-by data then this data could be picket up by passing space crafts and send back to earth. It could be done by hitchhiking on a mars directed spacecraft and then be launched at the belt.

Grtz, Dirk.

Dec 28, 02 / Dec 30, 18 19:34 UTC
As of today i have also restarted Boinc for Asteroids-at-home for team Asgardia. Lets do some cracking.
NY Day, NY Day / Dec 31, 18 09:19 UTC
Happy new year Dirk :)
Jan 1, 03 / Jan 1, 19 00:45 UTC
What kinds of data are you looking to collect from the Asteroid belt? types of rocks, what they are made of etc.etc. or for Navigation purposes?
Jan 1, 03 / Jan 1, 19 06:55 UTC
I guess all data will be fine but of course some data will be more haunted then others.