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Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 21:36 UTC
artificial planet

If we would start in orbit and on the moon with some basic central structure and then travel to mars with it to place it in the orbit of mars around the sun and there we could add some further structures made in space with the resources of the asteroid belt then maybe we could travel with it at the kuiper belt to build it to a big spaceship for the safeguarding of life in the solar-system. The only thing that we would need to build before we get there and to use on the road would be a big energy source. As we have our sun for free we should build a chain of solar energy stations till the most outward planets where we could use cold gases and ice in combination with the solar energy to the needed resources for life.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 06:13 UTC
Solar Power Stations closer to the sun could beam via laser, their power to stations further out in the solar system. These beams could also be used for communication at the same time.
Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 07:41 UTC
Dear Dirk, With regard to gravitational force, we can address the issue. If we want to live in orbital stations or in outer space in the future, we will need to produce artificial gravity. This is why ISS astronauts cannot function continuously. I hope I'm old enough to go on ...
Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 10:12 UTC
Yes, good idea Ben. Ugur, we can build a spinning world inside this artificial earth. I will make some drawings about it this weekend. Thanks guys.