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Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 23:18 UTC
A Message of Hope to all Asgardians

A Message of Hope to all Asgardians and future Asgardians

First some words of wisdom from someone in our past….

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move towards higher levels”

Albert Einstein, NY Times, 1946

picture credit NASA Mars mission

Evolution of the future

2019 is bringing many exciting initiatives to Asgardians.  With future appointments of Ministers to advancements in technology, engineering, marketing and many other areas.  Asgardia has reach many milestones in such a little amount of time.  The introduction of the citizenship/resident fee has allowed us to move forward with initiatives that may bring great value to Asgardia and future Asgardians.

Your willingness to contribute to this great cause has not gone unnoticed , you are becoming the building blocks of Asgardia, and to those who continue to contribute we give our sincere gratitude .  However; for those of you who continue to doubt the objectives of Asgardia, I offer a simplistic explanation that will hopefully give you a little faith.

But before that a message from a book I enjoy reading….

“Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see.”

Bible NLT, Hebrews 11

We have all heard of Farmers

Farmers, before they collect their harvest, must invest heavily into that endeavor without knowing if it will succeed or not. They may spend thousands buying supplies, preparing fields, and planting seed. (resources and infrastructure) The farmers have faith that there will be a harvest at the end of the growing season.  (completion of their objectives) Sometimes, they lose everything due to natural disasters and other threats, (failure, trails, threats) But yet they continue to plant their crops, in the hope they can have a harvest.  (faith, perseverance, commitment)

Asgardia is in the process of building resources and infrastructure, to do this, we need the assistance of all Asgardians.  With all our contributions, we will go on this journey in the hope one day we reach our destination.

Many humans have taken similar journeys throughout history.  They also endured harsh criticism, slander, doubt, and fears.  However, because they persevered, stayed committed, and had faith, today we enjoy the many accomplishments they achieved.  But they did not take their journeys alone, and the more that joined their cause, the more their dreams become reality.

“Our reality is an interaction with our thoughts, both positive and negative.  Each taking us down a path that we desire” John Fine, 2019

“The essence of Asgardia is Peace in space, and the prevention of Earth’s conflicts being transferred into space” Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli Head of Nation Asgardia

Asgardia is basically, humanity working together creating the first Space Nation.

Thank you for your support

John Fine

Asgardia Parliament District 13