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Feb 19, 03 / Feb 16, 19 03:32 UTC
My collection one more

Stabilo 6 yellow, pink, Orange, purpel and green

Feb 19, 03 / Feb 16, 19 17:52 UTC
Looks like you like colour pencils and markers!!
Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 21:24 UTC

I want to work for humanity to reach a more advanced level

Feb 19, 03 / Feb 16, 19 03:50 UTC
With people like you, the Asgardian community can come together and create a better tomorrow for the rest of the nations of Earth to look up to as an example of what life can be like in a peaceful environment.
Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 21:13 UTC
2 15 19 reading #holylandzreiki 2-15-19 reading 💨 👏 👍 ...

Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 20:37 UTC

Dünyamızın hızlı değişip dönüştüğü bu zaman bilim ve teknoloji odaklı olmak onu alanda hızlı bir arada katedilmektedir. Toplum bu yana paralel sürekli kendini yenilemekte ve farklı alanlarda ve gereksinimlerinizde. Biz bireysellerde sürekli gelişim bu durumda ayak uydurmak, ilerleyen trende ...

Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 19:43 UTC

My Asquardia member number is not the same as my enrollment number when I joined. I should have captured that the first time. I think I am one that is currently suspended in space as I have not paid for citizenship yet. I just have one question and that ...

Feb 19, 03 / Feb 16, 19 03:37 UTC
I wish you the best of luck with your surgery! As with your question, I think Dirk Baeyens response is your best bet.
Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 20:51 UTC
I think if you logged in to this site that you can view your profile for all your information.
Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 18:27 UTC

This is my first post, and I am extremely excited! I found Asgardia only a few days ago, though my fascination and love of space has been with me my entire life. Asgardia is an amazing country, and I can't wait to be part of it. I love to ...

Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 13:52 UTC
I might look into getting that book. Law fascinates me as it seems as though the majority of the populus doesn't understand law, and shy away from trying to comprehend. I think I will remain in this state of legality unless I have my parent(s) become citizens (won't try to ...
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 08:37 UTC
Welcome to Asgardia. In my interpretation, with a weighing analysis (to put in a balance of constitutional fundamental rights for and against), the rights, derived from the fact of being a minor, are more important, therefore the balance is heavier for this side, protection , for being a minor. So, ...
Feb 21, 03 / Feb 18, 19 13:23 UTC
Thanks for your support! I am trying! Fingers crossed.
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Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 16:04 UTC
Mark Kelly runs for Senate in Arizona

Been a long while since I was last on my blog, time to get back to it.

Mark Kelly, a retired astronaut and former navy, has announced on Tuesday Feb, 12, that he will run for the senate in Arizona.

I believe he posted a ...

Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 08:32 UTC

The world is full of mysteries.

A secret of this world

Yourself is

Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 07:37 UTC
Infinite desires to touch the galaxy

Infinite desires to touch the galaxy

Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 01:32 UTC
From Asgardian Girl

Hello Asgardia,

I'm So Excited And Very Happy And I should Confess that I'm surprised by You Tonight By See My Resident Card, It Becomes My Top Ten Happiest Day Ever, Ever I Have In My Life And I'm Very Proud With It.

Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 00:17 UTC
Thank You. 🙏
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 16:42 UTC
Congratulations dear asgardian girl
Feb 19, 03 / Feb 16, 19 23:27 UTC
Thank You Friend, We All Are Already Asgardians, but glad to see you become a resident Too, Best Wishes. 😊🙏✌
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Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 00:46 UTC
Happy Valentine's Day

The Life Is In The Stars,

The Universe Is Calling For Us, Can't You Hear It!

Happy Valentine's Day Asgardia,

From Asgardian Girl. ❤

Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 01:45 UTC
Thank You, Greeting And Happy Valentine's Day To You Too Sir. 🙏✌
Feb 18, 03 / Feb 15, 19 01:10 UTC
Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Fatemeh! ^_^ <3 Greetings from Malaysia!
Feb 17, 03 / Feb 14, 19 21:49 UTC
new land..

Just asked myself the question if somewhere in an ocean there would start a volcano and made an island like Iceland. To who would it belong, or would it be chosen by drawing straws.

Grtz, Dirk.

Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 01:06 UTC
Yep. Maybe we can get a group interested and formulate a petition that would require the government to seek unclaimed land, purchase some from another country, or create some type of island so we can be called a nation by the UN and get this ball rolling! Since if we ...
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 00:07 UTC
Главное начать. =)
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 00:05 UTC
Нужно добиваться Асгардийцам сделать срочно этот проект. Проект по заселению ни чей ной земли. Тогда и работа у Асгардицев будит, а это плюс пенсии пенсионерам нашим, плюс прибыл после освоении да и т.д. и т.п., А самое главное это это мечта в космос.
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Feb 17, 03 / Feb 14, 19 20:39 UTC

Dear all,

As part of a drive to assemble the UK membership effectively, I have created a Facebook Group with the title Asgardia UK and invite all UK registered Asgardians to join. The purpose of the group will be discussion of issues specific to the UK at ...

Feb 17, 03 / Feb 14, 19 15:02 UTC
Acuerdos entre almas

Nada pasa por casualidad , ningún encuentro, ninguna mirada con la que nos cruzamos a lo largo de la vida. Cada persona que se cruza, trae consigo una lección importante, algo que nos hace falta aprender para poder seguir adelante

Cada una de esas personas ...

Feb 17, 03 / Feb 14, 19 08:40 UTC

This song, written back in 1971, perfectly corresponds to the idea of Asgard.

Эта песня, написанная в далеком 1971 году, как нельзя лучше соответствует идее Асгарда. <a href="" savefrom_lm="1" savefrom_lm_is_link="1" style='background-image: url(""); background-repeat: no-repeat; ... </span>

Feb 17, 03 / Feb 14, 19 06:42 UTC
i am excited to be a new citizen of Asgardia

today I am a member of Asgardia and i am so excited. i can not afford any kind of monitary contribution but i am here for anyone who would like to talk. i look forward to my journy with my new citizen friends.

Feb 19, 03 / Feb 16, 19 03:47 UTC
Welcome to Asgardia!
Feb 16, 03 / Feb 13, 19 14:24 UTC
Head of Nation Greets Asgardians residing on Mauritius


Thank you for being part of Asgardia. There are already 82 of you, from 20 cities and towns of Mauritius. I’m excited to see even more Asgardians in Mauritius and I invite all of you and other Mauritians to become full-fledged residents and citizens of Asgardia, the first Space Nation in the history of humanity.

Build your Asgardian community and elect your lead Asgardian representative for Mauritius!

Together, let’s explore Space – the future of all humanity!

Please visit our state website:

I embrace you all and everyone of you,

Igor Ashurbeyli,

Head of Nation of Asgardia

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Feb 22, 03 / Feb 19, 19 18:02 UTC
Welcome, brothers and sisters
Feb 22, 03 / Feb 19, 19 00:10 UTC
Welcome to Asgardia, Mauritius!
Feb 17, 03 / Feb 14, 19 14:22 UTC
Nice to have the 82 people from Mauritius to join us!!!!!!! :)
Feb 16, 03 / Feb 13, 19 11:29 UTC



Feb 16, 03 / Feb 13, 19 07:20 UTC

Today's world is a hub of multi ethnic and lingual communities. There are about 7000 plus languages spoken in the world. Out of these only six languages: Arabic,Spanish,Russian,Chinese,English and French are accepted as official languages in the United Nations. Four out of the six languages are mainly spoken in ...

Feb 15, 03 / Feb 12, 19 23:06 UTC
Red Cross launches nuclear anti-nuclear campaign amid tensions Russia-USA

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) launched on Monday an advertising campaign to raise awareness about the danger of atomic weapons, a few days after the United States and Russia suspended the bilateral treaty for the elimination of medium ...

Feb 16, 03 / Feb 13, 19 08:34 UTC
Хотелось бы про информировать окружающих - из России НАВОРОВАНО и ВЫВЕДЕНО за границу ВОРАМИ правящей власти 6 национальных российских бюджетов.... ЭТАКАЯ на ворованная денежная масса нависла денежным навесом над экономикой США и может в любой момент обрушиться на ее рынок ... Спасая СВОЮ экономику администрация США и принимает меры ДАВЛЕНИЯ ...