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Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 19:04 UTC
palo blessing
Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 17:51 UTC
The lies

The planet changing clothes

The lies

Preventing humankind's potential progress in earth

single versions of lies

Why lose yourself among the lies, who is your worst enemy

lies to take advantage of the ...

Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 17:36 UTC

И следствие опередит причину,

Вселенная,которая внутри,

Сольётся с Макрокосмом,светлым,длинным,

Сожмётся в точку,чтобы снова жить.

Что мне теперь,где я,где память,

Зовущая из сумрака веков.

У пропасти,вблизи от страшной тайны

И я и образ из ушедших снов. ...

Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 17:23 UTC

Dear Asgardians,

We hope that one day, we will become a better and peaceful society in Space, not just with each other but also acknowledging "Universal Peace" and becoming a better community than we have on Earth. We must also take caution against certain groups/organisations from Earth ...

Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 17:08 UTC

Eu tenho um amigo que é artista e às vezes tomou uma posição que eu não concordo muito bem. Ele segurava uma flor e dizia: “Olhe o quão belo ela é” e eu concordava e ele falava: “Veja, como artista eu posso ver o quão belo isso é, mas ...

Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 16:25 UTC

I do not have any documents because i am pritty new to jobs and stuff but i do have great leader skills and my heart is at the right place also i do know almost all of amsterdam(at least the parts close to diemen) i hope to be accepted ...

Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 23:02 UTC
thank you and i did proof my deeds just not in asgardia yed
Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 22:41 UTC
You can not prove a good heart with papers but with deeds. ;-) Welcome to Asgardia Ender.
Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 16:09 UTC

Hi guys I'm a new Asgardian

Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 19:46 UTC
Jan 28, 03 / Jan 28, 19 22:14 UTC

Welcome citizens, I'm new Asgardian :-)

Witajcie obywatele, jestem nowym Asgardianinem :-)

Jan 28, 03 / Jan 28, 19 22:12 UTC

my dream whas to unite earth as one nation that cares for each and every person on it may asgardia make this dream i had all my life true but instead of earth we be colonizing space wich also happens to be my dream to colonise but i whas ...

Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 19:52 UTC
dlslexi si ok
Jan 28, 03 / Jan 28, 19 22:12 UTC
sorry for my english i have dislexia :(
Jan 28, 03 / Jan 28, 19 20:22 UTC
This Could Be Our Day!!

Reading over all the forums and facebook post along with Asgardia's new developments.

One can either be Positive and find the Good in all the New developments and steps moving forward or stay behind with the not so believing. This is what could be new beginnings of ...

Feb 3, 03 / Jan 31, 19 04:49 UTC
Ivan Rosel Ohhh..I believe there is plenty to do. And it's being done by many people. I have faith in this Asgardia project. 👍😃
Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 19:47 UTC
Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 10:43 UTC
Wait and see... nothing much else to do, is there?
Jan 28, 03 / Jan 28, 19 20:01 UTC
Los principios primordiales de Asgardia revelados en nuevo folleto

(Traducción de página en inglés )

El material recientemente publicado presenta los principales objetivos de desarrollo de Asgardia: el nacimiento del primer ser humano en el espacio, el lanzamiento de constelaciones de 10,000 satélites, la construcción de arcas espaciales y asentamientos lunares, el ...

Jan 28, 03 / Jan 28, 19 16:28 UTC
The greatest of all is a servant of all.

Let us not only seek what Asgardia can do for all of us, but what we, as a community of like-minded individuals, that desire a better future for all living beings, can contribute to the building of a better, brighter, and more hopeful tomorrow.


Feb 3, 03 / Jan 31, 19 08:30 UTC
I would like to connect with you and discuss on how we can make that a reality!?
Jan 28, 03 / Jan 28, 19 00:57 UTC


Jan 28, 03 / Jan 28, 19 00:03 UTC
Happiness & Success

Happiness is the result of success! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 19:47 UTC
Jan 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 21:41 UTC

Scientists have spotted repeated blasts of radio signals coming from deep in space.

The breakthrough is only the second time scientists have seen such a repeating radio burst. It both deepens the mystery and offers a potential opportunity to finally understand what ...

Jan 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 19:17 UTC
Feb 5, 03 / Feb 2, 19 23:37 UTC
Bóg jest jeden
Feb 5, 03 / Feb 2, 19 23:37 UTC
I accept you challenge, when we can start? I will survive
Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 19:57 UTC
I challenge you to the ancient right of "Sanquinius extremus" A duel where only one will survive for the position of mayor.
Jan 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 19:05 UTC

Hej , how do you do, i love you <3

Jan 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 17:02 UTC


I know it has been a while, but I can definitely say I was busy. For one, I have been spending my time with a full time job and excelling well in it. I have also been busy raising a new friend of the family, as ...

Feb 11, 03 / Feb 8, 19 08:29 UTC
Sorry about Smoky, if a cat live that long, surely was loved and was family for you, so, Smoky had a good life. Hello again!!!
Feb 1, 03 / Jan 29, 19 08:03 UTC
Have a good day
Jan 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 17:29 UTC
I don't even have any memories in my life. I am too much alone, smoking, accompanied by a cup of coffee
Jan 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 12:30 UTC

You know, I remember when we were still called "Citizens" rather than "Residents"... At the beginning of this whole endeavour, Citizenship seemed like an inalienable right, potentially only able to be removed upon some horrid crime or something.

Oh how the hope has dwindled in me. It ...

Mar 19, 03 / Mar 16, 19 07:19 UTC
Sorry, but there's people who will actually say stuff like that seriously. Tone doesn't translate very well into text =/.
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 18:17 UTC
dude it was a joke calm down
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 09:45 UTC
Seriously? Treason? Dude, fuck off.
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Jan 27, 03 / Jan 27, 19 11:22 UTC


The galaxy of stars, gas and dust called that were held together by gravity. Galaxies have the smallest cross a few hundred light years, including about 100,000 billion years are out. The largest galaxies within 3 million light years and contains more than 1,000 billion are ...