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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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Jan 14, 03 / Jan 14, 19 10:17 UTC

According to Professor Sigmund Freud, the unconscious mind which he discovered had three parts encapsulating it's control.

1. Id (the pleasure principle)

2. Super ego ( the moral principle)

3. Ego (reasoning)

Carl Gustav Jung elaborated on his ...

Jan 14, 03 / Jan 14, 19 09:06 UTC

I'm happy to be part of the Asgardia. However, even if it was a one-time fee of 100 euro to be obviously thought on the idea did not sound like a detailed thought. I expect that this formation, which has members from hundreds of countries, does not provide everyone's ...

Jan 14, 03 / Jan 14, 19 06:31 UTC
Interview in Magazine of Spain

Talking about of our dear project for a digital magazine, I'm sorry the text is Spanish because it is a Spain´s media.

Jan 14, 03 / Jan 14, 19 03:05 UTC
Happiness For You

The best thing about our God is the happiness He brings to us! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Jan 13, 03 / Jan 13, 19 18:44 UTC

Ami ekhane dev da,srk,salman,hero alom,sandy saha,modi ji,sambit patra,sumon eder kuj6i

Keu kuje pele bolo.

Bideshe bangali e to bangalider dekhe.

Why the famous and reachest man of world has no interested on it??

Jan 13, 03 / Jan 13, 19 16:55 UTC

Saludos compatriotas asgardianos.

Jan 13, 03 / Jan 13, 19 16:29 UTC

ENG: The second of the digital meeting was very successful and current and new decisions were made for the development of our nation for our citizens. As members of the citizenship committee, we have presented important files in these meetings as in all meetings. My dear committee chairman "Ben ...

Jan 16, 03 / Jan 16, 19 01:25 UTC
Thank You for your commitment to Asgardia and the updates.
Jan 13, 03 / Jan 13, 19 15:38 UTC

İstikbal göklerdedir

Jan 13, 03 / Jan 13, 19 10:18 UTC

Некоторые бактерии умеют генерировать электрическую энергию, и ученые намерены использовать их необычное свойство для создания электрохимических топливных устройств и очистки сточных вод. Как правило, необычные бактерии существуют в средах с низкой концентрацией кислорода — например, глубоко в шахтах и даже внутри живых организмов. Ранее для их обнаружения требовалось выращивать ...

Jan 13, 03 / Jan 13, 19 05:53 UTC
Aclaración sobre el status de Residente de Asgardia en Directiva actualizada
  • El Gobierno de Asgardia publicó la Directiva actualizada No. 1, que explica el status de Residente de Asgardia en 2019. La versión actual del documento incluye correcciones, cambios y aclaraciones a la versión anterior de la Directiva No. 1, publicada el ...
Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 23:29 UTC

Each of us knows this story:

"She ran as long as her feet would go until it was almost evening; then she saw a little cottage and went into it to rest herself. Everything in the cottage was small, but neater and cleaner than can be told. ...

Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 23:18 UTC
A Message of Hope to all Asgardians

A Message of Hope to all Asgardians and future Asgardians

First some words of wisdom from someone in our past….

“A new type of thinking ...

Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 19:20 UTC
Путешествие сквозь чёрную дыру может стать реальностью.

Использование чёрной дыры в качестве портала в другое измерение может оказаться намного реальнее, чем физики предполагали раньше.

Чёрные дыры до сих пор являются самыми загадочными объектами во Вселенной. Это результат гравитации, сокрушающей умирающую звезду, что приводит к формированию ...

Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 11:57 UTC

Asgardia should develop the community. An Android application is needed to communicate easily.

Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 03:16 UTC


Eu me apresento a você como a pessoa simples que eu sou, e com um propósito claro: Não repetir erros que todos nós conhecemos, que passamos ao longo de nossa história. Acredito na recuperação de uma sociedade em que o respeito pelo meio ambiente e pela ...

Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 02:08 UTC


Im not sorry to say this but very disappointed unfortunately.

When this journey started it was full of promise and different and bold and just magnificent.

Now all i see is yet another ...

Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 19:26 UTC
Un pedazo de mi mente

Qué onda, Asgardians?

Soy Renich. Vivo en Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos, Jalisco. Soy computín y músico.

Está chido que escriban un blog post de vez en cuando. Sería mejor si el artículo fuese sincero y auténtico. Me refiero a que, creo, estamos plagados de comportamientos ...

Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 18:10 UTC

Running for mayor.

Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 17:54 UTC
Comitato della Cittadinanza Gennaio 0003

Comitato della Cittadinanza Gennaio 0003

Benjamin Dell Presidente
Nicola Macina Vicepresidente

Ariadne Gallardo Membro del Comitato
Carol Lynn Lockhart Membro del Comitato
Deniz Çelik Membro del Comitato
Dogan Kultar Membro del Comitato
Jordan Bellega Membro del Comitato

Jan 13, 03 / Jan 13, 19 15:55 UTC
Hello, my friend Nico. This is our digital territory. :)
Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 12:21 UTC
Hi my friend Ugur :)
Jan 12, 03 / Jan 12, 19 07:12 UTC
: )
Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 16:03 UTC

What i see is best that you can live in community with no Racism we here in kirkuk suffering from racism arabs kurds and turkmens hope Asgardia will give us better place to live . Love to Asgardian people ❤