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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 11:18 UTC
Mayors, the day-to-day face of Asgardia

Happy 0003 my fellow Asgardians!

As the Mayoral Election is underway, I urge all candidates and fellow citizens to remember something important. The Mayor will be the elected official most everyday people will associate Asgardia with on a local, personal level. Therefore, it is crucial that whoever ...

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 09:53 UTC
Green space

Greenery is the best view of our world. I wish we will see greenery soon, in space for Asgardians

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 05:53 UTC
Airlines: Some are better than others.

Flight: West Jet. WS391 with service from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Edmonton, Alberta. Flight time: 5 hours, 18 minutes.

I’m leaving Nova Scotia after my first visit in 9 years. I moved to Edmonton in 2009 in order to make a life for myself. ...

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 01:50 UTC

To build future with science and love !

Geleceği bilim ve aşkla inşa etmek için !

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 00:59 UTC

I work in Telus international. Big fan of Neil de Grasse Tyson! My dream since 3-4 years old is to go to space one day.

Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 22:06 UTC
Greetings from Liverpool!

A warm hello to my fellow Asgardians on this cold January evening from the city of Liverpool in the North West of the United Kingdom. It goes without saying (though I'll say it anyway) that I hope you all had a fantastic New Year, and that wish ...

Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 22:01 UTC

We're better than we have ever been as a specie and entering a new stage of our growth that may launch us even further into becoming a far more inclusive and advance race than ever. Let's dream.

Estamos mejor que nunca hemos estado en la historia como ...

Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 20:11 UTC
Something is changing within us and our society. The world as we know is changing. With the advancement of technology, we are being forced to think and act differently. A drastic change in social behavior is happening now! Technology has ...
Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 20:54 UTC
Yes, as one brain, one unity, one humanity. :-)
Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 20:06 UTC

Denizli için varım.

Desteklerinizi bekliyorum

Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 19:34 UTC

I would like to share my experience unifying people to work towards a common good. I think that grass roots involvement is needed to make Asgardia a long term success which I would like to help direct and leads.

Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 19:14 UTC

Ensuring The Protection of a better place

Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 18:52 UTC

There is alot of urban representation, but not alot of nature focused people. Well here I am, my platform focuses on human and nature connectivity, which should be a key focus in the community of this governing system, in my opinion. Our planet is fragile, but we are not. ...

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 09:40 UTC
Good points. What steps would you act to follow your guiding principles?
Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 22:52 UTC
Lots of people have forgotten that earth is one unity of life.
Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 18:44 UTC

It is with great sadness that i post this information. Since i cannot pay the fee in order to keep being a Citizen of Asgardia, i will be only able from now on to follow the news of Asgardia, but that is much everything i can do. 100 Euros ...

Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 14:24 UTC
Yes i know my friend, and i'll keep up following everything that unfolds on Asgardia, but unfortunately, as a follower, that is a limit for what you can do for the community, but i'll still contribute with what i can.
Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 12:11 UTC
Sorry to hear, Startraker... You know that you can remain a Follower, right? It is not because you cannot become a Resident that you cannot be a Follower! You can remain in Asgardia!
Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 18:31 UTC

In a spirit of innovation, of well being, of accuracy, of freedom all in the respect of each one.

I am running for mayor of Asgardia.

In accordance with the aforementioned values, I wish to grow Asgardia ...

Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 18:04 UTC
Say to hello!

Hello, Asgardians

Save our EARTH. Stay healthy... Be happy.

Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 20:56 UTC
You and us will do our best. :-)
Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 17:48 UTC

to be in a new formation as a law student and to work on my department will be inspiring for the future.

Hukuk öğrencisi olarak yeni bir oluşum içinde olmak ve bölümüm üzerinde çalışmak geleceğe ilham verecek.

Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 16:07 UTC
Δ Triangle

I was born in a place called the earth but I am from a other galactic 12 years light away . I know the history of your world millions of years ago when your land was a desolate planet and they built it . You torment yourself with vain ...

Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 21:00 UTC
Welcome to our present and thanks for helping out.
Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 15:26 UTC
A lo que debemos aspirar / What we must aspire to

Para este interesante proyecto de Asgardia, es necesario contar con residentes y ciudadanos con actitudes y aptitudes, capacitados para aportar positivamente al desarrollo como civilización.

Exhorto a todos los que han estado y están interesados en formar parte , y los que forman parte, ...

Jan 15, 03 / Jan 15, 19 20:36 UTC
Jan 9, 03 / Jan 9, 19 21:04 UTC
Yes, we have to create new links in our mostly unused noospheric brain to build a better future.