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Mar 11, 03 / Mar 8, 19 00:19 UTC
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 23:46 UTC

Time does not exist, the human being cannot understand that, so I will tell a story.

God do not born yet, is a human that enter the 13° dimension in the future and create the world, ... I know ... try to understand it, please, so ...

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 15:40 UTC


A rendering of a possible lunar habitat, featuring elements printed in 3D with lunar soil. European Space Agency/Foster + Partners


This concept involves identifying, extracting and processing ...

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 20:28 UTC
Yes, as long as these robots will be able to identify, extract and process their own rocket fuel :)
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 19:11 UTC
Looks like a good technique, and the digging robots can work continuously.
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 15:24 UTC

In one very small (and thus limited) but interesting study, Qing Li, a professor at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, measured the activity of human natural killer (NK) cells in 12 men’s ...

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 20:51 UTC
Bacteria and insects, yes.
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 20:22 UTC
Are animals and insects would be part of this ?
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 19:08 UTC
If humans plan to live in space outside earth, they should first setup a natural environment and make it part of the living quarters.
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 14:43 UTC
A review about Anthem (PS4)

This is a review about Anthem (PS4): .

It's written in italian. Enjoy the reading.

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 12:54 UTC
Light sail

Wczoraj znowu pływałem. Stałem nad brzegiem i księżyc uprzejmie położył swą ścieżkę do moich stóp a szemrząca woda się z nim droczyła... I cóż było zrobić, wszedłem.... Jak pamiętasz, poprzednio zachwycaliśmy się bardziej zaawansowaną techniką podróży, oferowaną nam przez słońce, jaką jest użycie żagla E-sail . ...

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 07:51 UTC

Dear fellow Asgardians,

please forgive my poor english and get some thoughts on the words below.

As i see it, there should be a citizenship prominence system and kickstarter like finances. To buy the citizenship with money must not be possible! It is acquired only ...

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 18:46 UTC
And of course, Asgardia is our dream. But the dreams that we want to make happen require resources. Quite sizable and available immediately.
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 06:01 UTC

Combine the mesh from Elon Musk with nano tech and if it is possible incorporate the traits of tardigrades and deinococcus radiodurans extremophiles into the dna of humans using some super nanobots to remove some of the tcga and replace Them with the traits of these and Perhaps you ...

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 05:31 UTC

Savior system is computer program combined with nano tech and some New tech just like the matrix injecting and connecting with the mesh in the brain from tesla industries going through the vision area of the brain in the back head and further into the center of the brain ...

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 02:27 UTC
A technological civilization

Humanity needs to reach new boundaries. A technological civilization can teach something new to our species, a new civilization that can spread peace, love, respect for every form and color. An evolved civilization that takes one's hand, in a journey that can open the eyes, that can show ...

Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 16:46 UTC
Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 16:44 UTC

Space lover

Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 14:24 UTC

Perhaps if you make a gyroscopic engine made of giant balls turning in separate ways with water in between or at the center of the balls. For deep space travels and you could make some kind of pod with liquid aminogel for humans how would that work.

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 05:45 UTC
The plus side i believe with No gravity in spaceships through is My theory that No matter the speed you travel with you wont get affected by the g-force
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 05:43 UTC
I believe it is not only gravity of earth putting us to ground but also the rotation of earth. Think of a hole in the sink water getting sucked into it in rotation
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 05:36 UTC
I wanted if it was me to decide to make these pods and combine Them the SAVIOR PROGRAM I HAVE MADE A POST ABOUT. for long travels into space to reach Mars in a resourcefull easy travel to that planet
Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 14:04 UTC

I dont believe it is healthy for your body to be in space and have the pressure of earth in zero gravity

Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 07:50 UTC
I would prefer being cyborg and switch between manual and control by engineers that can control the living body of the cyborgto build pre-colonies
Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 16:59 UTC
I think that way also, we should use all kinds of robots and when it is save to some point for humans we could send special protected pods to travel to colonies in space.
Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 11:39 UTC

As there is a difficulty to change directions of heavy asteroids i was thinking at a little trick to change the heavy weight directions. By pulling the tail towards the new wanted direction and pushing the head to the wanted change, we slow down momentum and ...

Mar 12, 03 / Mar 9, 19 02:48 UTC
Hello my friend your idea is very promising and creative is what we need
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 23:03 UTC
We will not going anywere saying ooohhhh the world need peace, ooohhh the world is falling, the humans are bad, we need to eat vegetables not living beings, hhhhmmmmmm, ?????????. But trying to do something like you. Some day we will get there with you, not with miss universe. Thank ...
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 23:00 UTC
Very cool, keep going, is very cool your stuff, very nice, at least someone who is not talking about world peace and that stuff of miss universe. kkkkkk. Best regards.
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Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 11:20 UTC


Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 11:20 UTC



Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 11:16 UTC
Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 11:21 UTC
Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 11:17 UTC
Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 11:07 UTC
Transportation in Space

How would transportation work in Space?

Teleportation? Maglev Trains? Ski-Lift like Tech?


Actually this is super unrealistic they'll just use rockets.

Mar 9, 03 / Mar 6, 19 11:17 UTC
Mar 8, 03 / Mar 5, 19 21:10 UTC

Formation of mass and gravity.

Mar 12, 03 / Mar 9, 19 02:51 UTC
Hello my friend, I understand the concept of your idea
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 23:35 UTC
Aaaaanddd ... the universe has not an end, it is not begun, it is not will be, it is the 3 things at the same time, almost all the humans cannot understand that.
Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 23:32 UTC
That I understand and is correct. Buttt .... is a drawing for child of physics, the real draw has to be in 13 dimensions, but, I get it, it is right.