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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 20:24 UTC
Change is inevitable!

Change is the only constant!

However hard we try, we still have to accept change. Sometimes the change brings positive impact in our life. Asgardia is one of those positive changes we are embracing. Asgardia has given everyone a safe haven on the internet (as of now) ...

Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 19:39 UTC
Uzay Hakkında

Aslına bakarsanız çok şey merak ediyorum... Uzay ve uzayın her köşesi içimde bir merak uyandırıyor fakat maalesef bu konularda yeterli bilgiye sahip değilim bu yüzden bilgi paylaşabileceğimizi düşündüm açıkçası ilginç bulduğunuz bilgileri burada paylaşabilirsiniz böylece benim gibi uzay meraklıları da bir şeyler öğrenmiş olur.

Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 17:13 UTC

Building a great nation, requires a great leader.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to represent the city which never sleeps. Asgardia is not only a nation which we are building for everyone but it is also a community effort to showcase that we ...

Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 13:09 UTC

I want to save human race and to (re-)build a nation.

For this I found a brotherhood based on the following: preserve human race, mutual assistance/help, power, wealth and love.

My interest is also/mostly to colonize an outer planet and if possible to govern it. ...

Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 12:44 UTC
Asgardia Berlin on Twitter

Please check out and follow the new Twitter account @AsgardiaBerlin for daily space pics and news from our beloved Asgardian mayor of Berlin - me.... :-))

Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 10:58 UTC
Tratado del Espacio Ultraterrestre

A mas de 50 años del Tratado del Espacio Ultraterrestre, el mundo es otro !

En el año 2017 se cumplieron 50 años de la suscripción del Tratado sobre los principios que deben regir las actividades de los Estados en la exploración y utilización del ...

Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 04:46 UTC
Ron Schechter, ministro de ciudadanía asgardiana

Entro los temas que fueron tratados en la reunión con nuestro Jefe de la Nación Igor Ashurbeyli están la presentación de una petición y el procesamiento de datos de menores y la protección de los derechos de los niños en Asgardia.

Otros de los temas ...

Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 06:20 UTC
Uno de las reuniones que con mayor expectativa esperabamos en el Comité de Ciudadanía, para nosotros es un honor poner nuestras iniciativas de ley en manos del Ministro Ron Schechter para dar cumplimiento a la demanda ciudadana de Asgardia
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 11:33 UTC
Finansowanie Królestwa

Królestwo Asgardii aby się utrzymać I rozwinąć musi zacząć zarabiać. Na razie główny pomysł polega na opodatkowaniu obywateli I sprzedaży dokumentów tożsamości. Dla wielu naszych pięknoduchych to spore obciążenie. A może spróbujmy pomyśleć o alternatywnych, na pewno nie tak bolesnych dla obywateli i zgodnych z filozofią Asgardii, technikach ...

Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 10:24 UTC
The first census of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia.

The census of the population in Asgardia is vital for the development of the economy and society of the Space Kingdom of Asgardia. In the third year, the nation enters a phase of interaction with external and internal space, where the main results will be communications and their application ...

Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 13:29 UTC
Good idea, please make a very long list of useful questions to obtain a good quality result
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 05:12 UTC

Com dedicação e muito trabalho tornaremos a Nation Asgadia a maior de todas e com muita honestidade com o povo asgardianos.

Feb 26, 03 / Feb 23, 19 19:14 UTC
stamps - belgium

I still think that a digital stamp exchange between Asgardians would be a good start to take something from analog hobby to digital ecommerce as an example of concept.

Grtz, Dirk.

Mar 4, 03 / Mar 1, 19 16:55 UTC
Luv this idea.
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 17:59 UTC
This stamps is like a time machine :) And i do love idea for digital stamps.
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 05:00 UTC
I have to find back my collection of Soviet stamps then!
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Feb 26, 03 / Feb 23, 19 17:59 UTC
Me starting on YouTube

I have started a personal YouTube Vlog, updating every Friday with a video or two. It basically highlights my everyday life and things I find relevant enough to talk about. I haven't included Asgardia yet. But might soon do so. Anyone wanting to watch my first episode or any ...

Feb 26, 03 / Feb 23, 19 15:24 UTC
Department Protection of Asgardia

“ Pan Leon Shpilsky, Minister Finansów Asgardii, wygłosił przemówienie podczas Tygodnia Kaspijskiego w 2019 r. w którym opisał koncepcyjny model systemu gospodarczego Asgardii zaproponowany przez Głowę Narodu Dr. Igora Ashurbeyli.

…. Jeśli chodzi o wydatki budżetowe, chciałbym podkreślić wyjątkową różnicę między systemem ekonomicznym Asgardii a ...

Feb 26, 03 / Feb 23, 19 11:45 UTC

Dear Asgardians,

I'm still new to the experience, but I realise i need to cooperate with clientele and other asgardians about the future of our country, so henceforth using "Asgardia's business proposals" i'd like to merge thoughts and ideas with creative people about a ...

Mar 23, 03 / Mar 20, 19 09:48 UTC
you are such a gee
Feb 26, 03 / Feb 23, 19 01:44 UTC

A big hello to beyond Earth future humankind

Feb 25, 03 / Feb 22, 19 23:27 UTC

Here is my post:

Human Nature, Competition, Employment, and Housing within a Resource Based Economy

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

Feb 25, 03 / Feb 22, 19 22:54 UTC

I just had a conversation with a MP of Asgardia, He had posted something on the Facebook page in regards to building a new nation and doing so "Without Pay". However, according to the 2019 Asgardia Budget, Members of Parliament should be receiving a monthly compensation of 500 Euros. ...

Mar 4, 03 / Mar 1, 19 19:27 UTC
I have been asking for accountability, auditing and transparency for the past two months now and nothing has happened. This is why i will not invest 1000 euros nor 100 euros citizenship fee. Nothing is happening that we can get our hands onto. No projects that I can work on ...
Mar 4, 03 / Mar 1, 19 16:53 UTC
I had Paid CF when requested. I'm having concerns of really what is taking place behind everything. But It's a risk I took investing in this idea and adventure. Will see over the next 7 months if I will do reinvestment into this venture and ideas and project. Time will ...
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 17:36 UTC
Usually when a government, company or other institution are planning their budget for the next year, they are using an estimate based on the revenue of the previous year. However, in case of new projects such approach isn't possible, so an estimation of future income is taking place. This is ...
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Feb 25, 03 / Feb 22, 19 21:14 UTC
UN scientific centers..

This is meant as an example how the UN or more specific UNOOSA has build their space science centers on the different continents, maybe we can learn something from this.

Link to pdf:

Grtz, Dirk.

Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 09:36 UTC
We should make that happen then! Let us as asgardian build this from ground up with the actual plan of how the operation will work for us.
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 18:05 UTC
There was an document from 2015 where several points where discussed, but i guess it never reached a very high point.
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 16:31 UTC
The pamphlet was published in 2008, does it still exist?
Feb 25, 03 / Feb 22, 19 19:32 UTC
Koszt wysłania satelity

Koszt wysłania satelity

Zgodnie z cennikiem opracowanym przez Spaceflight w 2018 roku, wysłanie na orbitę okołoziemską niewielkiego satelity o wielkości rzędu 3U jest już możliwe od kwoty 295 tys USD .

....dla dociekliwych cennik: