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Nov 23, 01 / Nov 27, 17 15:36 UTC

'Executive Summary'

LIFE (capitalized) - An ever-evolving process encompassing the ALL THAT IS;  the visible, the invisible, the physical and the non-physical that serve  to support and sustain everything on and beyond Earth.

Peace ~ An  internal experience of unconditional love for, and service to LIFE,  relative to one's uniquely different, equally beautiful connection to,  and relation with LIFE, in each moment.

- My  campaign for Asgardia will not make promises that may not be achieved. - - My campaign seeks to outline the POTENTIAL for what we can create!

- Most claiming to want 'peace' do not want peace because  their salaries and privileges are dependent upon a world that is not  peaceful.

- Those same people are willing to talk a lot of talk, but very few are ready, able and willing to make new choices for themselves in practicing what they are preaching.

- A solution to our current dysfunctional paradigm cannot  and will not be found within the same line of thinking that created the  dysfunctional paradigm.

- No politician has ever dared to present a reasonable,  step-by-step for structural, societal change.  This platform offers one  for consideration.

- Most, if not all, of our planet's current problems can be  linked directly or indirectly to three main institutional bodies.   Addressing these three will create a domino-effec of change that can  manifest the world that most are claiming to want to live in.

- There is also the challenge of resolving the human  'issues' that are coming up within each human.  Creating a new society  or holistic group is one thing; helping all of the participants to heal  physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is something else.   Without understanding and paying attention to this, any new society is  going to face incredible challenges.

The  veil is being lifted - the illusion of separation is coming to an end.   Humans are stepping into their role for higher service and some are  being called to serve in roles relating to our galactic families and the  role of birthing our planet Earth as new galactic star nation!

Feb 21/18 Update: I have added my interest in being a government minister in the areas of : Information and Communication, Foreign Affairs and Industry, although I think I could contribute to Youth and Education as well.
1. My skilled writing and communications background as a broadcast journalist on alternative news and shifting human/planetary consciousness will allow me to contribute well to this ministry.
2. My awareness of the DEEPER issues affecting the enslavement of humanity and the control of our planet will allow me to effectively deal on a foreign relations level with other governments.  I am not afraid to address the issues that many governments have been scared into covering up.
3. As a journalist, I have researched a number of solutions that I believe have the potential to make any community self-sustainable.  The idea is to empower communities to take their solutions into their own hands.  As an industry minister, I could empower communities and governments to break away from the controls of enslavement relating to the current legal and banking systems.
4. Having a Masters degree in Peace Education, combined with my journalism, I fully understand why peace has not been possible on our planet, and the forces that have been preventing it. I also understand the impact this has had on children.  I know why there is an active campaign to vaccinate children more today, and why governments and institutions are so fearful of the children being born at this time.  I can contribute to the Education ministry with my background, to guide them into developing policy and direction so that today's children develop to their full potential and be allowed to share the gifts and information that they are now coming here to share.


Campaign Platform Details

My platform flows from two key definitions I provided while completing my Masters thesis in Peace Education:
LIFE  (capitalized) ~ An ever-evolving process encompassing the ALL THAT IS;  the visible, the invisible, the physical and the non-physical that serve  to support and sustain everything on and beyond Earth.
Peace ~ An  internal experience of unconditional love for, and service to LIFE,  relative to one's uniquely different, equally beautiful connection to,  and relation with LIFE, in each moment.

I am connected to two nations by citizenship:  Ireland and Canada.

In  today's world politicians talk a lot of talk and make promises they  never keep and they never provide a suitable framework for achieving  that which they are claiming to want to achieve.  There are several  reasons for this:
1.  The people making these promises have no  complete understanding of the levels of enslavement and control that  have been put upon humanity and our planet, by people whom they do not  even know exist.

2. These people are fully aware of this  secretive group, and are seeking to participate actively in the  enslavement of humanity and the destruction of our planet for profit,  power and control.

3. There are well-intentioned people  who tried to serve honourably, but were either bribed, blackmailed or  killed when faced by the people seeking to perpetuate an enslavement  agenda upon humanity and the planet.

Global leaders have  claimed to want 'peace' or that they will 'impose peace';  representatives of governments claim to 'negotiate peace'; researchers  claim to 'measure, quantify, or qualify' peace; academics claim to  'study peace' and institutions claim to 'teach peace'.

Moreover, those same people are unable or unwilling to practice what they are preaching, in living by example.  They are not choosing to BE the change they are claiming to want for the world.

Upton Sinclair: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Unknown:  "If peace was profitable, we would have had it by now."

All  of these are hypocritical and thus impossible to achieve within the  current paradigm of a debt-based economic model and a criminally corrupt  system of admiralty law that creates commercial rules that are given  the force of law and thus imposed on people without their informed and  democratic consent.
As long as conflict and war continue to be more profitable than peace - it will never be achieved on our planet.

Albert Einstein: "A problem cannot be solved from within the same line of thinking that created it."

Therefore, several steps are required, simultaneously to facilitate the co-creation of a New Earth:

1.  Expose the root sources of debt, illness, fear, separation, control and  enslavement upon this planet to help individuals understand how they  have been manipulated and controlled within an illusion of democracy, or  whichever systems of belief they were born into.  For Asgardia, an  awareness and understanding of this history on Earth will hopefully  prevent it from developing in a new space community.)

2.  Empower a grass-roots movement for those who already understand the  nature of their enslavement to criminal systems of control, so that each  individual has a chance to discover her or his unique gift, message or  contribuion to this New Earth (or Asgardia) and begin to share that  message courageously in a LIFE-honouring way.

3. Creating  and nurturing a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual environment  for the children being born (and all individuals too), that allows them  to fully develop and awaken to, their potential within the new community  - on Earth or in space.

Having this awareness above - will allow those co-creating Asgardia to learn from our collective history, and have the foresight and courage to make the choices that will not repeat the choices that created our current dysfunctional paradigm on Earth.

My background has uniquely prepared me to serve in a capacity for diplomacy on Earth and also beyond.  I have an understanding of the structures, the institutions and the people that have been responsible for the enslavement of humans and the destruction of our planet for profit, power and control.  My preparation has also shown me the illusion of the 'peace' that is being claimed by so many now, and why it can never work.  At the same time, I am able to envision solutions, while also being aware of the global forces that have prevented real solutions from being made available to the people of the world and why it has been done.

The  current structures of the global system ( a system which is now  collapsing and evolving), were never designed to recognize, honour and  nurture the inherent goodness and divinity within each human.   Almost  anything that was deemed to be 'positive' or 'healthy' or 'empowering'  for humanity has been either suppressed, criminalized, or otherwise  altered to support an agenda of control upon humanity and the planet.

The  model above is one I created for my Masters thesis.  Although not fully  complete - there are many other items that could be listed in these  catagories - it provides an overview of how empowering change within  oneself can lead one to fulfill one's greater service overall to  humanity, our planet - to LIFE.

This 'Matrix for LIFE' has the hourglass shape, or the number '8' which can also be the symbol for infinity.
If  perceived as an hourglass, the sand stays at the top, until its time  comes to move through the middle, and then expand again on the bottom.

Each  human, if she/he connects to the appropriate modality of health,  healing, learning and expanding, will then begin to connect to the  message/mission/purpose that one came here to share.  As one awakens to  one's purpose, one can then choose how best to use those skills in  achieving the goals at the bottom of the matrix.

The  bottom half of the matrix represents my vision for understanding and  co-creating the 'New Earth' or 'Asgardia' that we are envisioning.

Goal:   We may not yet know EXACTLY what this 'goal' of an ideal,  LIFE-honouring community looks like in form, but most seem to be envisioning  this community as including these among the following:

- true, holistic  peace,

- healthy planet and bodies,

- clean air, clean water, healthy food,

- a pristine Earth, LIFE-honouring relations in all ways,

- healthy  abundance, lack of fear, separation, debt,  human-made illnesses, and

- self-sustainable communities that empower humans to be emotionally,  mentally, physically and spiritually mature, well-developed, healthy,  and capable of realizing their highest potential and being able to BE  that potential, in full service and joy.

My theory then asked the  question:  In order for the above to manifest, what would be the FIRST  thing that needs to be achieved, in order to give humans a sense of  excitement and realization that this is even possible?  (In today's  world, many would describe the above society as a 'pipe-dream'. )

To  first achieve the above, it is my theory and belief that humans would  need to first feel a sense of personal security in their respective  worlds. This would mean having a quality of life that provides at least  the very basics for living: clean food, air, water and land; having a  place to live that is safe and secure; a greater sense of well-being and  being able to live with greater happiness and joy in doing something  that one loves, without needing to do something to simply get by.  This  is the RE-CREATION of a QUALITY OF LIFE.

The  theory then asks the question: In order for this QUALITY OF LIFE to  manifest, what would be the FIRST thing that needs to be achieved in  order to allow humans to possess this QUALITY OF LIFE?

Humanity,  mostly in the western world, has been socialized to live within  criteria of separation and fear.  Humans are afraid to share with others  for fear that they might be robbed, hurt, taken adavantage of, or  stepped on by those seeking to move ahead. Within all the revelations of  corruption upon our world at this time, people are more reluctant to  share, thinking that their contribution will be abused, or it will be  directed to the empowerment of the people who have been enslaving  humanity and controlling our planet.

Removing/healing all the  criteria of separation will become KEY to moving forward - for science  has established that we are all ONE, in very profound ways that most  humans do not yet fully understand. Overcoming the barriers relating to  race, religion, culture, gender, orientation, language, physical/mental  capacity, political belief, age, beliefs, skills, abilities, and many  others, will allow humans to step into a different relation with LIFE  that seeks to create the QUALITY OF LIFE needed and desired.

The  question again:  In order for the fear/separation to be eliminated from  human consciousness, what must FIRST be achieved, to allow humans to  choose to give up those fears/separations?

A fair, honourable,  healthy and balanced societal structure must be empowered and created  that honours ALL humans in ALL ways, while also honouring our planet in  ALL ways.  A few examples are listed above:
~ A system of law that is not based on commercial rules that profit a criminal establishment.

~  A system of banking (temporary) that does not function on models of  debt, but rather on honourable and worthy value that respects each human  for the work he/she contributes, wherever she/he does it.

~  A system of education that empowers children to develop their inner  potential.  Each child came here to share a purpose.  We honour them  when we empower them to fully develop that, and share it, instead of  forcing them to be sheep to systems of fear, control, enslavement and  illness.

~ Systems of manufacturing that produce healthy  and LIFE-honouring equipment to provide for the needs of humanity and  the planet.

~ Services that are health-oriented and not geared for pure profit.

~ Systems of energy that are healthy, and do not contain harmful frequencies to humans, animals or LIFE generally.
~ Technologies that are LIFE-honouring and not purely for profit and shareholder returns.
~ Numerous other examples also.

Of  course, in our current paradigm, most of the above structures have been  corrupted beyond repair by the very people who have been moving into  posiions of power and control, arguably for centuries.  It is most  prevalent however during the last 100 years.

To ask one final  time:  What would be the FIRST thing that needs to be done, to clean up  the mess we have created in our societal infrastructure?

It is my  belief that the KEY to all that has been stated above is to change how  we create government, business and religion.  These have been the three  keys that have led humanity to the situation that it has been in,  especially over the last 100 years.

By cleaning up these three, the dominoes will begin to fall, allowing each step to manifest more easily.

The  CHALLENGE has been to clean up these three areas.  All three have used  FEAR very effectively, protected by commercial rules, and language that  the common people have not understood. Humans have been enslaved as  corporate fictions without their informed, democratic consent.
In the  past, it has required people to learn the language that these three  institutions use, in order to understand how it has been used against  the general populations of the world.

This is starting to change.  People are becoming more informed, and they are understanding the  nature of their enslavement and they are beginning to understand the  people and the forces that have been behind this enslavement and  control.

With this awareness, more humans are now seeking  to take steps to create environments where these levels of corruption,  fear and control are not present.  Many are seeking to move to  communities that claim to stand for 'higher values' and 'off-grid'  living and so forth.

These communities, although set up with the  best of intentions will also experience many challenges.  Each human,  subconsciously, is bringing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual  'baggage' to this new environment that has not been properly healed.   Therefore, there are issues coming up among people who are 'awake and  aware'.

Unknown:  "Most people do not want the truth - what they want is the reassurance that what they happen to believe is the truth."

Understanding  this component of the human condition will therefore also be KEY to  moving forward in the co-creation of a pleasant, safe and LIFE-honouring  experience on Asgardia.

I cannot yet say that I have the full  solution for this.  Each human is uniquely different, and will therefore  require help and assistance to heal that are unique to that individual.   There will be no 'catch-all' healing for all humans aboard Asgardia.   Trying to force particular modalities of healing upon some people will  either not work, or may even have negative consequences that were  neither intended nor desired.

The future  Ministry/Department of Health and Well-Being on Asgardia (under the wing  of the Department/Ministry for Peace) will therefore be charged with  the great responsibility of helping each human to release and heal  his/her 'baggage' that was created on Earth, in order to fully serve to  one's highest service on Asgardia.

My  campaign for Asgardia will not make promises that may not be achieved.  My campaign seeks to outline the POTENTIAL for what we can create - together!

This  is what I, personally stand for.  I do not know if others will share  this vision.  I have my own ideas about creating a system of voting on  Asgardia where, each month, an agenda will be posted, perhaps using the  blockchain or hash-graph technology and people can vote on the issues  that they believe are most important for that month, and the issues will  be addressed by the parliament according to the number of votes  received for that issue.

As a human being, I have since childhood  been asking myself why humans treat other humans poorly, or why certain  religions treat people poorly while also claiming to believe and love  'God', or why we have a global economy that harms humans and destroys  our planet.

Long have I pondered these questions, while looking  up at the stars.  I accept that we are a part of something FAR greater  than most of us are yet able to conceive.  I accept that we are not  alone in the Universe, and I also accept that there are members of our  galactic families that are around Earth at this time, and some have been  interacting with various governments upon our planet.

As  a journalist, I have come to understand better the nature of human  enslavement and control as well as those who have been doing this.  I  also have some understanding as to why they have been doing it.

As  a Peace Educator and Visionary Consultant, I am able to bring my  understandings as a journalist, and interpret the current global  condition into a vision for global peace, healing and RE-creation.

It  is my belief that I am here to be a communicator to people of many  nationalities.  My skills are primarily as a writer, communicator, visionary and  dreamer.

I am also here to SERVE humanity and our planet, but I  am also here to SERVE my own highest good, and to fulfill my highest  potential, while empowering the same within those around me, to the best  of my ability in any one moment.

To my knowledge, NO  politician or representative of a geographical demographic, has ever  laid out anything remotely close to a step-by-step plan for  political/societal change.   What I have presented here, is what I  believe is the closest to a step-by-step plan that can be achieved,  within the human limitations we are currently attempting to heal.

My  dream/desire is to reach out the leaders of our planet, and assist them  in remembering who they are and guiding them towards fulfilling their  role co-creating all that humans have been longing to create.

The  veil is being lifted - the illusion of separation is coming to an end.   Humans are stepping into their role for higher service and some are  being called to serve in roles relating to our galactic families and the  role of birthing our planet Earth as new galactic star nation!

If you choose to support my candidacy in serving in a representative capacity, I thank you for this consideration!

Blessings to each and all for health, joy, protection and prosperity on all levels in your world!

Geoffrey West
Anchor, Cosmic Vision News

Visionary Consultant, Global Peace, Healing and Re-Creation
Spiritual Being Having A Human Experience

Dec 7, 01 / Dec 9, 17 14:14 UTC

Extremely well written plan and statement. I see you have very good experience. Hopefully more Asgardians will see this.

Dec 9, 01 / Dec 11, 17 04:30 UTC

Greetings Neowalker -  Thank you so much!  I'm still trying to figure out how to best reach more Asgardians before the end of elections.  I have my plate full with my newscast and my mother's health while I'm visiting her, but if you are able to share my platform with those you know...I would be most grateful!
In peace,   Geoffrey

Mar 6, 02 / Mar 3, 18 15:29 UTC
I voted for you because I believe you have a good platform and will be an amazing leader. Please check out my platform: Vote for me!!!
Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 01:32 UTC
Geofrey, you exist! I was an old listener of 2012 and beyond, listening you, Steve Becko, Linda Dillon, Dave Schmidt and my idol Sierra Neblina. Someday I want to meet all of you. Greetings from Argentina.
Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 05:44 UTC
Saludos, Hugo - heh heh...Yes, I am (was) still around. I stopped doing my newscast last week, at least for awhile, so I can try to re-ignite my life and my passion for global peace, healing and re-creation. The 2012 group is not around in its old form. Sierra/Dave left the group to work together, and then they ended up separating. Stephen Cook left the group, followed by Graham Dewyea, and then I also ended up leaving. Steve/Linda/Suzanne are still doing their work however. If you like my profile and my campaign platform, perhaps you might consider promoting my platform to those you know within Asgardia? ONLY if you agree with the platform however. Please do not vote only because you knew me years ago.
Jun 4, 02 / May 24, 18 22:28 UTC
Yes .. moi aussi .. :) .. I am an old listener of the show and was pleased to find Geoffrey here. Hope your Mom's health is stabilizing and getting better. My best wishes. <3
Jun 5, 02 / May 25, 18 02:27 UTC
Thank you Khanjar! Very kindly appreciated! I have been able to convince my mother to eliminate a number of her Big Pharma drugs, and she has been doing better, but there are still some other things I want to try, like having her sleep on a grounding sheet. I won't go on about my situation in this forum. I am trying to remain confident that something will happen soon here, or that I will be able to find a fulfilling job to get a place to live somewhere finally. Blessings to you!
Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 19:38 UTC
I voted for you friend, check out my platform too.
Mar 11, 02 / Mar 8, 18 21:03 UTC
Hello! My honorable Asgardian fellows, For creating the best space nation and protecting the earth please vote for me. Today's last day. Don't wait please vote now. I need your support. Please vote for me. Here is my platform:
Mar 26, 02 / Mar 23, 18 13:18 UTC
Hi Geoffrey, I read your platform and think you will be an amazing leader. So please read my platform and give your vote for me. Good luck!!!!
Mar 26, 02 / Mar 23, 18 14:39 UTC
That is very kind, Chathurika, thank you! The voting period is now over, and the leaders are now officially validating the votes, to find out who has been chosen as representatives. According to the results on my profile, I SHOULD be elected to some position, but there is something I have discovered over the years. Many people and organizations that CLAIM to be working for 'peace' or for a better world, do not really want that. They want the glory of the recognition, but they do not really want peace or a better world, because the power and privilege that they enjoy in their work for 'peace' or for creating a better planet will be gone, if 'peace' or a better planet really happened. I have been turned down and rejected in many places for the vision of global peace and healing that I am sharing. We will see if the leadership here in Asgardia is truly committed to a holistic vision of peace and healing enough to allow me to have a position. If they do not like what I am sharing, then they will find a way to make sure that I am not elected in some way. I hope it does not happen here, but having already experienced it on numerous occasions, there is a chance that it will happen here as well. In all the profiles I looked at, no one offered a vision that was as concrete and transparent as mine. This is very unfortunate. We need more women elected to positions, so I hope that there will be a seat available for you! Good luck and blessings to you!
Mar 27, 02 / Mar 24, 18 16:32 UTC
Thank you for your blessings Geofrey. Now the time has appeared to built space kingdom with peace and full of science explorations. I like both peace and space explorations, so I became a candidate for Asgardias' government. Whether it may get successful or not, I know that I tried to achieve and that's the spirit. So thank you again... All the best to you!!!!
Apr 7, 02 / Apr 1, 18 22:27 UTC
Hi, Geoffrey! I am Lucio Garcia da Costa, Bachelor in Social Sciences, Federal Public Employee and resident in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil and I am a candidate for the Government of Asgardia. I'm not here to ask for your vote. I will be happy, simply if you read my Political Platform and I will be even happier if I can count on your approval. I intend to help build the bases of Asgardy for my children, grandchildren and all my descendants. Thank you for your attention.
Apr 7, 02 / Apr 1, 18 23:00 UTC
Hi Lucio, thank you for your note. The voting is now over, so it is not possible to vote anyway. I looked at your platform. Very nice words...much the same as what many others are wanting to create. What I am not seeing however from other candidates is their understanding of what is not working in our current world; how it is not working, and the kinds of solutions that candidates can bring, based on their understanding of what is currently not working in our world. My platform is very broad, because my LIFE experiences have allowed me to see what is not working on all the key levels of our planet. I understand to a good degree, the criminality and fraud within geopolitics, geoeconomics, health, media, education, business, religion, science, technology, nutrition, agriculture, transportation, legal system, judicial system, penal system, law enforcement, military, and much more. I also understand how all the above has been used against humanity, to prevent humans from realizing their full potential as spiritual beings having a human experience. I have a very good understanding of why global events are now happening the way they are. I understand why people are reacting the way they are, as a result of energetic changes now happening upon our planet from within our planet and beyond our planet. With all of this, this is how I was able to create my platform, and offer at least some form of a concrete plan for change, that people can see and understand. Words are nice, and I am sure that there is a deeper vision within you that is wanting to express itself. Tap into that! Show people what you want to accomplish and how you would like to accomplish it, in a way that is as easy as possible for people see, feel and understand. Most people worldwide are not yet fully understanding the changes now happening on our planet. I will bet that over 90% of the candidates do not have much understanding of what is going. They only know that there is something that they don't like, and they are wanting to get out of it. Although this is good, people also do not understand that the moment the Asgardian society is created, whether people know it or not, they are going to be bringing their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual 'baggage' with them. Just creating a new society will not heal all the issues that EVERY human, myself included. Until we fully understand what is not working, and we also understand how we have been affected by it all, can we begin to release and heal those issues, so that we do not harm the new society. >>> Why Utopian communities fail. >>>> Understanding Control Dramas That Every Human Has. Your vision is great > I support it on a general level... but I would also like to see much more. Keep going however... you are on the right track! Blessings to you!
Apr 8, 02 / Apr 2, 18 01:57 UTC
I understand everything I wanted to say. I've been here for a very, very long time. Sufficient time to expand my consciousness to the point of seeing the intangible. We speak the same language as my sister. You can not imagine how happy I am to find someone with your energy. I confess that I have much to say, but I follow some old precepts that prevent me from saying what I know in this forum of debates. The moment is not yet. But all I can say right now is based on the unconditional love I feel for all creation. Thank you for appearing at this time. Not fade away.