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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 04:14 UTC


My name is Randy Nguyen. I am 22 years old and I believe in Asgardia. All my life, I have been contributing to my community in any shape or form with volunteering. I believe that if I can be one more person that can contribute something meaningful. It can make earth a better place even if it was a small thing.

Currently I am a college student majoring in business administration. During my time here, I have held multiple leadership positions (vice chair of student government, vice president of business club, president of international club, student leader of leadership in action, and etc) and meanwhile the most critical element to this was harmonizing with other students by serving them.

Running for Government Position

First, I want to mention that I am running for this position for no salary (even if they did have one) because I believe during this phase is very critical to the Asgardian people. I have the will power and ambition to listen and serve our people with authencity. I do not need a salary to offer my service to the people.

I have been reading through other candidates and what they promised our Asgardian people. Also another concerning thing would be the age requirement to run for this position. I am young but that I bring refreshing ideas to the table that will benefit our people. You may think "but this boy is too young," and I agree with that but I promise you the decisions I make will be logical as long as it benefit our citizens.


I am seeking to work as Deputy Minister of Industry because my interest is in that area. Meanwhile alot of other candidates are running for the main minister positions of certain areas. You may ask why is Randy only settling with Deputy Minister instead? I understand that I am young and being young we young people should not be foolish by running for positions that we have no idea what it entails. Especially when it comes to seeking the maximum benefit for our people.

I would like to follow under a wiser candidate that will win as the  Minister of Industry and see how they work. I believe that if I follow this step it would broaden my knowledge for this area and if I ever decide to run for the main position. You, as Asgardian citizen, by then would know my track record and believe in my years of experience to vote for me.

How to Support Me

Please share my profile for votes:

Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 05:26 UTC
Hello, I am a candidate for a vacancy in the parliament of Asgardia District 9 Portuguese. I analyzed your campaign platform, and I voted for you, and I endorsed my vote as well. I invite you to know my campaign platform, and return your vote for me. Best Regards!!!
Mar 10, 02 / Mar 7, 18 06:11 UTC
Hello Randy Nguyen I have read your posts here; and have voted for you! Would you, and or your friends be interested in voting for me also? Thank you and best of luck!
Mar 10, 02 / Mar 7, 18 18:24 UTC
Good job Randy. I voted for you. Good luck!
Mar 11, 02 / Mar 8, 18 22:31 UTC
Thank you! I will not disappoint you.
Mar 11, 02 / Mar 8, 18 21:45 UTC
Hello! My honorable Asgardian fellows, For creating the best space nation and protecting the earth please vote for me. Today's last day. Don't wait please vote now. I need your support. Please vote for me. Here is my platform:
Apr 7, 02 / Apr 1, 18 23:31 UTC
Hi, Randy! I am Lucio Garcia da Costa, Bachelor in Social Sciences, Federal Public Employee and resident in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil and I am a candidate for the Government of Asgardia. I'm not here to ask for your vote. I will be happy, simply if you read ...