Aug 20, 02 / Sep 1, 18 08:36 UTC

Chamber asgardien business and industry of north Asia and east regional  

I will host chamber asgardien chamber at north Asia and east regional. Need more people's together develop this topic. We office at this topic. Can talk about business and industry at this topic.this citizens self organization! Need respect private right and citizens right ! Thanks merci ! 

Sep 11, 02 / Sep 20, 18 07:53 UTC

Who citizens asgardia have business ideas for north Asia east region can talk about here at this topic. The ideas must legal ! Which citizens asgardia want helpful ideas so can talk about here ! We need more citizens together to do affairs business at region ! Each other helpful! Thanks merci !

Sep 11, 02 / Sep 20, 18 08:00 UTC

We have fruit and vegetables produce from fresh region! Which citizens of asgardia can develop this affairs business can talk about here ! Not content china region ! Because special rule for import! Sorry ! Welcome Japan and other region ! 

Sep 14, 02 / Sep 23, 18 02:54 UTC

We have Freeze beef and meat trade to region. Which have instest about our freeze beef and meat can talk about at here . Production not content China Region ! Sorry ! Because rule of imported! Welcome Japan and Other region ! We chamber need many liaison volunteer at Australia and Singapore and Malaysia  Japan South Korea than many has want region. Welcome our citizens of asgardia can want do it , each other helpful ! Together develop our business ! Thanks merci ! 

Sep 21, 02 / Sep 30, 18 22:45 UTC

We need organization cow milk and foods vegetables meat to Japan . So you can offer which seriously person responsible receive products and pay ! Thanks merci ! We will liaison Hakkido region Japan for need cow milk and foods . 

Sep 25, 02 / Oct 4, 18 09:06 UTC

We want other citizens of asgardia offer products at our chamber . Show at this topic! We have US and French network  can collaborate! We offer third audien! We has internet safe products! Welcome ! Thanks  merci ! 

Sep 25, 02 / Oct 4, 18 09:10 UTC

Special welcome Singapore and Japan client recommended for our chamber ! We need citizens of asgardia develop our chamber! Thanks merci ! 

Sep 25, 02 / Oct 4, 18 10:32 UTC is our chamber official post and web can see but can't other! Because cost so used china web . The web is free ! Thanks  merci !

Sep 25, 02 / Oct 4, 18 11:36 UTC

Deleted china web thanks after all at this topic 

Sep 25, 02 / Oct 4, 18 23:20 UTC

All citizens of asgardia can develop our chamber ! We need citizens of asgardia helpful our chamber develop business market. Need volunteers laision at Japan Singapore than want region ! We has network US and French can operate our chamber business! We will organize action businesses at place .We will organize sales show at place . Welcome and need ours citizens of asgardia develop our chamber! Thanks merci 

Nov 15, 02 / Nov 19, 18 04:49 UTC

We chamber need more our citizens action for our business at asgardia around our region ! Thanks merci 

Feb 15, 03 / Feb 12, 19 01:00 UTC

We chamber crossed 2years so we want more asgardien citizens action business at our chamber! We develop Japan and South Korea Singapore hongkong business and Europe business for our citizens! We want more citizens talk about business at our topic! Can fact interview and business talk ! We want business to develop our nation and our chamber! Happy new year ! 

Mar 7, 03 / Mar 4, 19 22:35 UTC

We chamber will set up develop commerce committee  young commerce committee  trade and port transport committee  foods and grains committee  asgardien helpful each other for business and life working group  welcome our citizens action at our chamber I am host and general sectary chamber , we need Citiens develop our chamber ! Thanks merci !

Mar 26, 03 / Mar 23, 19 02:13 UTC

I am p

Mar 26, 03 / Mar 23, 19 02:21 UTC

I am president committee for our chamber . Wellcome our citizens action business to our chamber! Together develop our business for our asgardien