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Prioritize creation of Education system and curriculum

Total votes: 7

0% No priority at all

28.6% Could be done in parallel with medium focus

71.4% Yes, good way for start point

Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 13:36 UTC

Educational system and vision  

Good day to all!

As a person from EdTech business and close friend of some Education think tanks, like, I think that one of the key areas of activity we can start already today - is forming instruments and approach to new education system and its targets. With focus on preparing people for tasks of expansion and resource usge of the outer space. 

If successful, such a system  could become desired alternative or add-on for existing schools / post school education for existing countries and could be 'exported', thus further increasing outreach of Asgardia to main population. 

Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 17:36 UTC

@Alexander, While I agree with what you are saying and the need for a good education system. I think the parliament is going to create the education system, What does that mean? I'm not really sure. I do not know what type of system they will choose. I think if you make a suggestion to the powers that be maybe they will listen and look into what you suggest. 

Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 19:52 UTC

Dear @Davedgreat2000, agree. Actually, it is not on the Parliament to decide on the system. I posted it here, in the Gvt section, for them to create a committee of a kind to start discussing and drafting it...

Feb 11, 03 / Feb 8, 19 07:51 UTC

its sad to see that the majority doesnt like what the asgardian government is doing