Asg 4, 01 / Jun 21, 17 23:23 UTC

Re: Civilian conceal carry of weapons  

No guns. As per Asgardia' s chief goal, is peace, the culture is far from the need for every civilian to be able to have guns. However, what I think would be more fitting, are health and defensive nature classes, which provide collective education in both well being of the human body, and self defense, utilizing various cultures martial arts systems, including de escalation techniques.

Asg 14, 01 / Jul 1, 17 02:11 UTC

This is only an issue if Asgardia becomes solely a land nation. If we're going to live on a space colony, we should start thinking "Enterprise" style. We go in naked, get uniforms, we all get issued the stuff we need to live and do our jobs. We'll probably have to be sterilized first. If weapons are included anywhere in the ship, it will only be because we are under attack from outside. In a space colony you either trust everyone there with your life (literally) or you shouldn't go there at all. It's serious business. That being said, if we don't get there first we may have to fight our way up to space. They're not calling it "the new space race" for nothing.

Asg 14, 01 / Jul 1, 17 18:15 UTC

True... This is why I think it's important we get ourselves organized real quickly. We need say in the U.N. in my opinion, in order to internationally condemn any nations that are pushing this narrative of another Space Race. It is much like the time Humans had a chance to denuclearize the planet. Unfortunately. Because one group refused to give up nukes, all other nations saw this as fair game, and nuclear arms are now in surpluses around the globe, and a major factor in which Earth faces total extinction nearly every month. Space is no different. If we fail to exert our moral monarchy over the world, we fall victim at losing out our sole objective, "prevent earthly conflicts from reaching putter space". And we have have to act very quickly. If we fail, I can honestly say Humanity is doomed. But we can't achieve our goals with military, and guns. We must focus on where the rest of the world is lacking. I believe that's relating to important resources needed to achieve space hegemony, which is Cyber Security, and Quantum Physics. We must think outside of the box on this one. Guns are not going to cut it.

Asg 19, 01 / Jul 6, 17 10:10 UTC

My view: Guns are for killing people.  They don't protect anyone.  Guns should be banned in Asgardia.  I live very safe country at the moment, I will not move to a place where it is acceptable for people to have concealed weapons.

Conclusion: It's a point which is nearly impossible to change people's minds on, so we need to know the policy before we decide to be Asgardian citizens.  Then either join up or not.

Asg 20, 01 / Jul 7, 17 19:12 UTC

Ally of people are veterans, guns only kill when given to the wrong people, given to the right no crime or any deadly like event will ever happen, you have a issue with adults being adults who think of others, then go to your child safe room, no one ever listen to compromise decisions. Never trust the U.N. ever!!!! Do you any of you know what their responsible for?

Asg 23, 01 / Jul 10, 17 09:59 UTC

I've no problems with "guns": I've problems with "the right people" who should hold them, as they're usually "not that right" and, needing a gun in their hands to make their "reasons" more clear, they're definitely "not right" for me.

Asg 26, 01 / Jul 13, 17 21:12 UTC

Think outside the box. Or make the same mistakes earthlings make.

example; "Drone 21 to base, altercation between citizens at coordinates 23e45r16z, tasers deployed, require drone ambulances". 

You wont need weapons.

Asg 26, 01 / Jul 13, 17 22:32 UTC

Weapons will be, and I'm done fighting about it, I've honestly tried to corospond with people to work out non lethal weapons to satisfy the feeling to protect themselves and honestly we wont be safe up there, think I'm wrong? What does almost every country have that can go to space? Missles Missed an drone especially when the U.S. is making a space corps. Also we won't always be safe, non lethal weapons can be applied to help us, because drones won't help always even if they malfunction, defect, or not following program, think of the cost and size of the drone. It's best just to arm citizens

Jan 6, 03 / Jan 6, 19 19:24 UTC

Although I am usually all for gun rights I do believe that at first it should be restricted from civilians. However I do believe that every security and military personnel should carry one and maybe even let civilians with high background checks be allowed to carry one as long as they do not have a past of violence or other conditions that could lead to the action of harming others.

Feb 26, 03 / Feb 23, 19 03:32 UTC

I havnt been on for more than a year. To state some. Weapons do not always need to be guns. Maybe a form of taser or something. Either way. Citizens can go crazy or hysterical up there. We cant scrren everyone. So chances of someone whos wanting to threaten asgardia will get on board because they can hide who they really are. Im not saying guns per say are needed. Just a form of defense. If we dont get artificial gravity then any fire arm needs to be limited.