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Sep 28, 02 / Oct 7, 18 11:20 UTC

Re:Catalysis: project for future  

New (additional) version of the application data to the sails of the "keepers" in the form of a holographic image from Professor Greg Matloff:
Holographic Sails for Project Starshot? 
In his NASA report on holographic message plaques and sails, they describe space-environmental tests on holograms. Solar radiation apparently does not damage a holographic image. But he is not sure about galactic cosmic rays.

Dec 11, 02 / Dec 13, 18 04:42 UTC

В сборнике "Эволюция" за 2018 г. ( опубликована статья: 
Д. А. Новосельцев. Проект «Катализ»: о возможности целенаправленного распространения разумной жизни в Галактике.

Электронная версия, видимо, будет доступна позже.

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Dec 17, 02 / Dec 19, 18 17:05 UTC

Another argument in favor of " Catalysis":

Under the conditions of interstellar gas simulation, deoxyribose is synthesized - and this is on an aluminum substrate (i.e. actually on the surface of the sail), without catalysts.

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Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 03:45 UTC

Оказывается, работы по органическому синтезу в космосе были и раньше, в т.ч. отечественные (российские) и экспериментальные (на борту спутника на внешней поверхности). 

Вероятность все больше превращается в уверенность.

Feb 9, 03 / Feb 6, 19 08:33 UTC

New data on typical raw materials for the first phase of Catalysis.

Such raw materials in protoplanetary disks appeared unexpectedly much. This simplifies the work of "sowers".

Feb 9, 03 / Feb 6, 19 08:39 UTC

The latest materials on the project "Catalysis", in the almanac "Evolution" 2018