Jan 1, 17 23:17 UTC

Issue passport asgardia citizen and renewal passport. notice visa free for asgardians consequnce  

Here should be issue passport. Can renewal passport. notice asgardians citizen can free visa and freedom and movement nations and region. Passport is electric passport is can pass border nation ever, to show is ok.

Jan 1, 17 23:25 UTC

Asgardia isn't ready to release official documents yet. First we have to become a nation,t hen citizens will receive a proper ID, passports and so on.

Jan 3, 17 08:05 UTC

[ADMIN] Hello. An official post was made about the question of the Passport here : https://asgardia.space/en/forum/forum/policy-and-scope-68/topic/the-question-of-the-passeport-1506/. Please refer yourself to it. Thank you.

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