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Asgardian Ministers and Committee Chairs Sworn In

Today, on the final day of Asgardia’s Executive Congress, the space nation’s Parliament confirmed all Ministers and Committee Chairs. Head of Nation Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli administered the oath during the accreditation ceremony

 Using the ceremonial Constitution, Dr. Ashurbeyli conducted the oath ceremony. “I urge all of you, as responsible officials of Asgardia, to take the oath today, on this historic Constitution,” he said.


Dr. Ashurbeyli read the text of the oath together with the Parliament Chair Lembit Opik, Prime Minister Ana Mercedes Diaz, and Supreme Justice Yun Zhao: “We, the highest officials of Asgardia, solemnly swear to be loyal to the Space Kingdom of Asgardia, to perfectly comply with its Constitution and laws. To be devoted to our high mission, to direct all our activities for the benefit of the State and the people of Asgardia. To perform our duties responsibly, with due dedication and professionalism.”


All Parliamentary Committee Chairs and Government Ministers repeated three times: “Yes, I swear!”


The Head of Nation then stated that the oath has been taken. Opik and Diaz handed out ID cards, certificates and badges to the Cabinet members and Parliamentary Committee Chairs.


Dr. Ashurbeyli read the text of the oath together with the Parliament Chair Lembit Opik, Prime Minister Ana Mercedes Diaz, and Supreme Justice Yun Zhao

The Ministers for the Government of Asgardia are:


Lena De Winne – Minister of Information and Communication

Markus Gronbach – Minister of Justice

Eric Yong-Joong Lee – Minister of Foreign Affairs

Yana Smelyansky – Minister of Equity and Resources

Elizabeth Diaz – Minister of Youth and Education

Igor Chikin – Minister of Manufacturing

Olimpia Niglio – Minister of Culture

Leon Shpilsky – Minister of Finance

Floris Wuyts – Minister of Science

Ron Schechter – Minister of Citizenship

Stephane Caiveau – Minister of Trade and Commerce

Philip Appleby – Minister of Safety and Security


The Committee Chairs for the Parliament of Asgardia are:


Dennis Shoemaker – Chairman of Information and Communication Committee

Nigel Evans – Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee

Alexander Alshvang – Chairman of Equity and Resources Committee

Boris Berenfeld – Chairman of Youth and Education Committee

Fernando Jimenez Motte – Chairman of Manufacturing Committee

Irina Nikitina – Chairman of Culture Committee

Alexander Ryzhy – Chairman of Finance Committee

Luca Sorriso-Valvo – Chairman of Science Committee

Benjamin Dell – Chairman of Citizenship Committee

Christian Bohler – Chairman of Safety and Security Committee

Sotirios Alexandros Mouzakitis - Chairman of Justice Committee