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Top Asgardian Politicians Share Impressions of First Executive Congress

Today, the Asgardia Executive Congress started its second day with the Parliament’s Digital Session, a joint meeting of the attendees of the Executive Congress and Asgardia’s Parliament. Members of Parliament from all over the world are tuning in live via video-conferencing software to participate in the Third Digital Session of the Parliament. Asgardia’s Ministries and Parliamentary Committees are working together to present solutions to the challenges of establishing a nation in space. Head of Parliament Lembit Öpik and the Minister of Safety and Security Philip Appleby shared their impressions of the first day of the Executive Congress while looking forward to future results

Lembit Öpik, Asgardia’s Head of Parliament:

“I am delighted that the first day of the Executive Congress went well. We have twelve outstanding presentations, and a lot of interaction between the Government, Ministers, and the Chairs of Committees and their representatives.

I have the impression that the Head of Nation is satisfied that we really did make progress. 

Today we have the Congress and the Parliament sitting together, we never have done this before. And I think this is good, because it means the Ministers and the Asgardian Parliament will begin to build the relationship, that we’re ready to make progress. Looking ahead, with these three days’ work, we have already set sail on the stellar adventure, and it’s thanks to the vision of Head of Nation Dr. Ashurbeyli, and the quite evident commitment of everybody involved, that we got this far.”

Philip Appleby, Minister of Safety and Security:

“Certainly, the impressions from yesterday were of a team of people working really hard on behalf of Asgardia. We had some very very good ideas, and the planning…it’s coming together very well. We’re just over two years old, and it’s absolutely amazing, the progress that’s been made already. 

And in terms of today, I know that the question and answer session with both the Head of Nation and with the Prime Minister. Again, interesting questions, and you should get interesting answers. But the whole project seems going far faster and further than I thought absolutely possible, and it’s all down to the Head of Nation and the leadership of the Prime Minister.”