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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.



What Is Asgardia?

Welcome to Asgardia, the first-ever space nation that is open to all!

With its name stemming from the Viking Age myths of Asgard, a world that existed in the sky, Asgardia aims to create a free, independent nation outside of planet Earth. Citizenship is open to anyone regardless of the country of origin, nationality, location, age, gender, sex, race, etc.

With Asgardia, we intend to create a true space nation recognized by the United Nations, with a government and ministries, a ratified Constitution and a Declaration of Unity, free and representative elections, and all the symbols of a nation, including the flag and the national anthem.

Asgardians vote in the elections and choose their own leaders, create their own projects and form communities based on common interests or shared ideas.

Asgardia’s Goals

Our purposes are to erase divisions along the state, religious, racial and national lines and instead open a free forum for the sharing of ideas, scientific exploration and research for those interested in outer space and the possibilities it provides.

We also intend to take steps toward setting precedent in international space law, which has been stagnant since the 1998 ISS agreement. Instead of basing near-Earth and deep space exploration on geopolitics – when geography determines the political and international relations between states, we want to shift the focus to astropolitics that have no geographical boundaries to prevent conflicts and allow for uninhibited collaboration in space.

We want to open the doors for scientists and companies to create a free scientific knowledge base in space. Once we’ve launched our satellite in late 2017, we intend to work together to protect the Earth from space threats such as orbital debris, sun storms and cosmic radiation. We believe in a peaceful, demilitarized use of space.

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