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We welcome Asgardian citizens to upload your files to А for transfer to the Asgardia-1 satellite! Files storage will also be available on other Asgardia satellites and platforms in the future.

All Asgardians who were not in the first 100,000, but became citizens before the Hong Kong conference on 13 June 2017, can send up to 200KB once they’ve accepted the Constitution. All citizens who joined Asgardia after 13 June 2017 receive 100KB.

Please post only your own or copyright-free material. Asgardia respects copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights.

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bariscagriyuce Sao Paulo

Hello there!!!

Benjamin Dell Heidelberg WC

Pam Ganguly Bankura

Ziya Sadikhov Baku

atilla 2020 Istanbul

Onur sari Hakkari

Omer Fatih Istanbul


SIR JAMES mockfjard

We could be witnessing the birth of the Starfleet and perhaps later the creat...

PhysXL Istanbul

The Future is in The Skies! Your name will be written in gold letters to sky...

PhysXL Istanbul

Hello Space And Asgardia Serhat Gurkan Benzer Born: 23.10.1999 Death: Curr...

tugsy mugla

istiklal göklerde

DevilsTear Eyup Istanbul

Skito Sebes

Hello space!

cherrytheAsgardian 1069210 warangal

I am charan from telangana, india.

Josiah BM Caboolture South

Josiah BM Caboolture South

With open arms we embrace the future, with this future comes responsibility a...

Harshita26 Hyderabad

ASGARDIA-for a safe future

Asgardian 1069103 Rahuri

My Hope, My Dreams, Let's do something different, together.

rage 1 Pasighat

Now there is a hope, to save earth

Beefate Brumovice

kéž nemusel bych kázat kéž nebylo by kéž a byla jenom růže a vůbec nikdy l...

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