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Aug 27, 02 / Sep 8, 18 23:57 UTC

I have a business idea that I think can aid Asgardia in the long term and provide a source of continuous profit as we work towards our goal to leave Earth. My idea is not unlike a flying cruise ship...zeppelins of old updated to resolve all their flaws, and ...

Sep 1, 02 / Sep 10, 18 18:04 UTC
(Not yet)
Sep 1, 02 / Sep 10, 18 18:03 UTC
Not tye. I have a half finished business plan but haven't gotten much further. I plan to use this as a place to update as I work forward and dump my random thoughts about the project as well, (hence the original post).
Aug 28, 02 / Sep 9, 18 19:20 UTC
any prints or orthographs?
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