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Oct 6, 02 / Oct 13, 18 22:25 UTC
Citizens and Mayors

Going to try an advertising here in Belgium for some extra citizens. We will see how this goes on the national elections day here in Belgium.

Update1: advertising approved by google adds.
Update2: no succes from the election weekend.
Update3: new formulation and keywords.

Oct 6, 02 / Oct 13, 18 22:42 UTC
Great idea, good luck!
Oct 3, 02 / Oct 10, 18 11:41 UTC

As we are planning to travel in space it would be logic for the moment to choose the opposite way from the voyagers away from the bow of interstellar radiation and particles. Due to the speed the solar system travels in space it heaps up all radiation and particles ...

Oct 4, 02 / Oct 11, 18 09:48 UTC
Sounds interesting
Oct 3, 02 / Oct 10, 18 13:08 UTC
Thanks Maria, link to wiki niobium: .
Oct 3, 02 / Oct 10, 18 12:56 UTC
Uso do Nióbio seria interessante como Objeto de Estudo.
Sep 19, 02 / Sep 28, 18 18:18 UTC

There is a preview of the new ROOM 3/2018:

Edit: it is now available to read online and in print version at Bremen.

Grtz, Dirk.

Sep 20, 02 / Sep 29, 18 15:26 UTC
Thanks for the info. It seems interesting, will check it out.
Sep 5, 02 / Sep 14, 18 22:31 UTC

Do not forget next time you walk in a forest that all these beautiful green leaves are giving you not only these fantastic colors but also protect you against bad radiation by absorbing them, cooling from shadow and moisture and give oxygen as byproduct from their energy fabrication. ...

Sep 6, 02 / Sep 15, 18 20:48 UTC
Its the entire forest that is critical for live on Earth, including such processes as the condensation of water vapour in the air and in the soil, the snow carpet, duration and rate of snow thawing in the various zones of forest vegetation, freezing and thawing out of soils, the ...
Sep 5, 02 / Sep 14, 18 22:50 UTC
Oh and i forgot an other little thing, all those billions and billions of little leaves and little branches are one big wind breaking system that slow down all those strong winds..
Sep 5, 02 / Sep 14, 18 19:27 UTC

My ordered UniSpace+50 stamps from United Nations have arrived, looking forward to buy Asgardia stamps and postcards in the Asgardia shop.

Grtz, Dirk.

Sep 25, 02 / Oct 4, 18 00:42 UTC
Brilliant idea !
Sep 6, 02 / Sep 15, 18 20:39 UTC
Aug 19, 02 / Aug 31, 18 19:41 UTC

An interesting article from

I would like to see a dome over the ice and warming it with solar power. Would that be doable?

Grtz, Dirk.

Sep 2, 02 / Sep 11, 18 09:02 UTC
We could even make it out whatever material, as long as the heat-laser can enter and the water can roll down.
Sep 2, 02 / Sep 11, 18 08:51 UTC
If we would place a space-laser in static orbit above the dome and beam the sun heat to the dome then we could make steam inside the dome which would condense inside on the dome-glass and could be captured in reservoirs at the bottom of the glass. In that way ...
Aug 23, 02 / Sep 4, 18 11:44 UTC
Please also donate for my mayorship! To build a strong nation together!
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Aug 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 12:37 UTC

Why not a simple hexagon space station with tubes and connection points. The points should have thrusters to regulate the movements and the tubes could be inflatable compartments. It would be easy to replace the tubes for cleaning or repairing or adding newer tubes.

Grtz, Dirk.

Aug 27, 02 / Sep 8, 18 14:19 UTC
PS: Refer Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. I kinda liked his idea of triads
Aug 20, 02 / Sep 1, 18 12:48 UTC
Maybe we could replace the transparent blue with absorbing blue solar panels, yes that would be a better choice.
Aug 20, 02 / Sep 1, 18 12:46 UTC
Added a solar windmill in the center of the space station. It has reflecting yellow and transparent blue as colors.
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Aug 10, 02 / Aug 22, 18 02:38 UTC


By Boris Petrovic:

Jul 17, 02 / Aug 1, 18 12:05 UTC

Back home from a trip to the Euro Space Center in the south of Belgium. It was interesting as i am somewhat interested in space-things. This facility is in first place to get children interested in all sorts of space related subjects and to enjoy the great hall where ...

Aug 22, 02 / Sep 3, 18 17:40 UTC
ik was hier bijna vergeten mijn stem uit te brengen,,,,,bij deze,,,als mijn hoofd ni vast stond hé
Aug 14, 02 / Aug 26, 18 22:11 UTC
You are contributing some great ideas to Asgardia ... keep up the good work. Good luck in your campaign!
Aug 7, 02 / Aug 19, 18 21:37 UTC
My vote is urs Dirk
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Jul 10, 02 / Jul 25, 18 12:27 UTC

We have to cool down earth because we are heating it to much. So my idea starts with making blue light from the sun's yellow light. How could we do that. A transparent blue filter would cut out yellow light, but while doing that we would store heat in ...

Jul 24, 02 / Aug 8, 18 07:05 UTC
Green technologies are used only in the advanced countries, so that they do not suffer from the pain. We have to stop quickly using seasonal energies, stop cutting trees and finding a suitable, cheap, and even better replacement for it. The human problem is more than the less developed and ...
Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 00:55 UTC

Atomic. What is atomic. To start we will use a negative event, the atomic bomb. If we analyze it in a simple way then we have a light-flash, a shock-wave and an explosion. Ok, now lets look for these things in space. Light is everywhere in space, it is ...

Jul 24, 02 / Aug 8, 18 19:33 UTC
The experiment was done with subatomic particles, it can be done.
Jul 24, 02 / Aug 8, 18 19:28 UTC
We need to go to the future to observe what can happen, in order to change the present
Jul 6, 02 / Jul 21, 18 08:11 UTC
Lol that would be great but sad that the bombs is to control anthers country
Jul 5, 02 / Jul 20, 18 18:31 UTC

ROOM The Space Journal with info about space and Asgardia.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jul 5, 02 / Jul 20, 18 22:09 UTC
Cool going to check it out
Jul 2, 02 / Jul 17, 18 23:03 UTC

The orchestrator's of the universe are the blackhole's. They direct how the universe must behave. They are massive, very heavy and have a longtime working plan. They can be everywhere in the dark with all things around them already swallowed up or nearby other heavy duty material like big ...

Jul 1, 02 / Jul 16, 18 09:46 UTC

Thanks to my friend Ariadne a small conclusion in between.

Science is searching for the reason of complicated happenings.

Philosophy is translating it back to basic human thinking.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jul 1, 02 / Jul 16, 18 05:02 UTC

If we look at space we see light and darkness. My todays post is about this simple fact and the previous philosophic findings that i found to give a simple view of the universe. My thoughts are not static, they will probably evolve by time and maybe change while ...

Jul 1, 02 / Jul 16, 18 08:33 UTC
Thanks Ariadne and Jero, i will analyze your reply's with pleasure. ;-)
Jul 1, 02 / Jul 16, 18 07:14 UTC
A few quick remarks/opinions on this: - Darkness is just the absence of light - Light is a wave, and waves have three properties: Wavelength, speed, and amplitude. - Color of light is rather the wavelength. - The speed of that light is defined by the material it is passing ...
Jul 1, 02 / Jul 16, 18 06:25 UTC
Without a doubt the magical thought of the astronomical events is an inexhaustible flow of valuable experiences, so simple is the complex, a gift to the reasoning, Dirk, thank you!
Asg 28, 02 / Jul 15, 18 20:22 UTC

So as we know we have entanglements between particles. The following weird thing is how can a particle be at one position and the same time at an other position. This is a question i am asking myself today. Imagine a black-hole or superdense core where everything is pressed ...

Jul 18, 02 / Aug 2, 18 20:37 UTC
Asg 28, 02 / Jul 15, 18 20:51 UTC
I am just following some basic thoughts in my mind: heat - frequency - superstate density - gravity - entanglement For me personally it works to give it an understanding of what i am trying to follow at this moment. I have no knowledge of physics or whatever other science, ...
Back home from a trip to the Euro Space Center in the south of Belgium. It was interesting as i am somewhat interested in space-things. This facility is in first place to get children interested in all sorts of space related subjects and to enjoy the great hall where all ...
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