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Feb 25, 03 / Feb 22, 19 21:14 UTC
UN scientific centers..

This is meant as an example how the UN or more specific UNOOSA has build their space science centers on the different continents, maybe we can learn something from this.

Link to pdf:

Grtz, Dirk.

Feb 28, 03 / Feb 25, 19 09:36 UTC
We should make that happen then! Let us as asgardian build this from ground up with the actual plan of how the operation will work for us.
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 18:05 UTC
There was an document from 2015 where several points where discussed, but i guess it never reached a very high point.
Feb 27, 03 / Feb 24, 19 16:31 UTC
The pamphlet was published in 2008, does it still exist?
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 21:01 UTC
Body Mind

As an extension from my electron theory. Our body is the + particle and our mind is the - electron. Our body gets drawn to the center of the earth by gravity pull or + particle pull. Our mind wants to be in the heavens like ...

Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 22:22 UTC
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 22:21 UTC
И ещё, что тело, что душа имеют плюс и минус, отдельного у них нет, всё совместимо, даже информационное поле где и там есть плюс и есть минус, вечная подзарядка для батареек.
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 22:17 UTC
Почитайте про НЛО У них в основном бионика и синтетика, биология у них в прошлом, да они изучают нашу биологию, но для того чтобы могли владеть синтетикой и в неё переселяться, бессмертие, они так же смертны.
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 19:28 UTC

Spin, gravity, electrons.

Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 22:03 UTC
Сначала надо создать двигатель нулевого цикла, а потом от него и плясать так сказать. Двигатель нулевого цикла решит все наши не изученные проблемы, анти гравитацию вмиг расшифруют тогда наши уважаемые учённые.
Feb 22, 03 / Feb 19, 19 21:31 UTC
Asgardia-1 storage..

Since my Asgardia-1 storage is used up i will post my pictures in the blog now. Mostly without a comment and no reply's so that i have no interference in my tinking path that i am building up here in Asgardia. Feel free to use my idea's but they ...

Feb 23, 03 / Feb 20, 19 07:01 UTC
It is an in between conclusion which can or can not lead to other conclusions. Here are other pictures from me so far:
Feb 23, 03 / Feb 20, 19 01:39 UTC
Dirk, can you share with us what are you trying to figure out?
Feb 20, 03 / Feb 17, 19 19:29 UTC

Here you see a little chart with in the middle the objects and their anti object. It is read from the middle to the left and from the middle to the right. It is a step in my own learning how i think at this moment things work a ...

Feb 17, 03 / Feb 14, 19 21:49 UTC
new land..

Just asked myself the question if somewhere in an ocean there would start a volcano and made an island like Iceland. To who would it belong, or would it be chosen by drawing straws.

Grtz, Dirk.

Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 01:06 UTC
Yep. Maybe we can get a group interested and formulate a petition that would require the government to seek unclaimed land, purchase some from another country, or create some type of island so we can be called a nation by the UN and get this ball rolling! Since if we ...
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 00:07 UTC
Главное начать. =)
Feb 24, 03 / Feb 21, 19 00:05 UTC
Нужно добиваться Асгардийцам сделать срочно этот проект. Проект по заселению ни чей ной земли. Тогда и работа у Асгардицев будит, а это плюс пенсии пенсионерам нашим, плюс прибыл после освоении да и т.д. и т.п., А самое главное это это мечта в космос.
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Feb 12, 03 / Feb 9, 19 14:13 UTC

Going up in the list of most active users. We could use some new users also.

Grtz, Dirk.

Feb 14, 03 / Feb 11, 19 09:53 UTC
Active users doing that?
Feb 9, 03 / Feb 6, 19 22:25 UTC
universal clocks

Our universe is run by universal clocks. These clocks are for example made out of heavy weight cores fighting for the absolute center between them. While doing so they send out vibrations called gravitational waves which come in different waves, frequencies and oscillations. It is this central clockwork that ...

Feb 10, 03 / Feb 7, 19 07:19 UTC
This is beautifully well informed, and I am curious what would happen if hypothetical that those universal clock would just sudden stop. Would it affect any Galaxies at proximity to stall their retrograde or affect any beings mindset to disconnect from the "time" that tick our life cycle?
Feb 4, 03 / Feb 1, 19 19:56 UTC
Energy and mass

Energy and mass, 2 interchangeable forms of energy. The mass as kinetic energy and the energy as electrical energy with sub-particles. Let us put this in an example as a black-hole that recycles itself true a galaxy or nearby star. If we put mass together with mass by pressure ...

Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 12:19 UTC
Combined forces.

Imagine that someday all big planets in the solar-system would align with the sun, as some close by other big heavy weights like stars or star-systems, sun-like-wise spoken. Most of them, if not all, have magnetic forces that reach far in to space, like for example that from our ...

Feb 3, 03 / Jan 31, 19 07:30 UTC
This would be similar behavior in our solar system basically as retrograde based on heliocentric theory?
Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 20:09 UTC
Jan 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 08:04 UTC
NEO Earth Close Approaches

Jan 25, 03 / Jan 25, 19 19:01 UTC
Deep Space Travel

Deep Space Traveling. What a good solution could be is to pick out an asteroid who has a big elliptical orbit around the sun or to the outside of the solar system. It would need to have a certain gravity with an additional ...

Jan 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 14:58 UTC
Да, во много раз эффективнее будит когда на астероидх могут быть перерабатывающие заводы. Вот только к ним придётся встраивать паровые двигателя.
Jan 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 07:35 UTC
By emergency release connections.
Jan 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 06:35 UTC
Mass/Weight/Volume/size of ship would have to be consider in ratio to the asteroid. The pull of gravity and movement of both objects would need be consider. Distance between two objects factors. Also asteroids move in circules orbit motions etc. Another factor to consider floating attached to asteroids how would it ...
Jan 18, 03 / Jan 18, 19 15:32 UTC
moon color

Left we see the moon color as with our eyes as it reflects the light that is coming from earth. Right is the same image but inverted, so that gives us the colors that are absorbed by the moon. Now, would that be a prove that ...

Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 20:06 UTC
The moon is yellow because its made of cheese.
Jan 18, 03 / Jan 18, 19 16:04 UTC
Так это даже не вооружённым глазом видно. Наша земля голубая с зелённым оттенком называемая цифровой матрицей. Если как следует приглядеться, то как бы видны зелённые цифры. Когда компов не было не было и сети, планета была голубовато синяя. =)
Jan 17, 03 / Jan 17, 19 22:14 UTC
Jan 18, 03 / Jan 18, 19 10:27 UTC
Organizations and others can apply to be on the list via oosa(at)
Jan 18, 03 / Jan 18, 19 07:54 UTC
Interesting NASA is not on that list.
Jan 16, 03 / Jan 16, 19 23:04 UTC
Magnetic travel

Ok, this one is going to attract some type of space observers. Lets say we place a magnet between the earth and the moon in space, what should happen is that it should follow the magnetic route that is at that moment present. Now, lets ...

Feb 3, 03 / Jan 31, 19 07:34 UTC
I have been thinking about this method for while, but I am curious what do you think of the possibility control force in cold magnetic with hot magnetic using it own power push itself away from the gravitational path?
Feb 2, 03 / Jan 30, 19 20:07 UTC
i learned his in physics
Jan 26, 03 / Jan 26, 19 22:09 UTC
Jan 10, 03 / Jan 10, 19 21:36 UTC
artificial planet

If we would start in orbit and on the moon with some basic central structure and then travel to mars with it to place it in the orbit of mars around the sun and there we could add some further structures made in space with the ...

Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 10:12 UTC
Yes, good idea Ben. Ugur, we can build a spinning world inside this artificial earth. I will make some drawings about it this weekend. Thanks guys.
Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 07:41 UTC
Dear Dirk, With regard to gravitational force, we can address the issue. If we want to live in orbital stations or in outer space in the future, we will need to produce artificial gravity. This is why ISS astronauts cannot function continuously. I hope I'm old enough to go on ...
Jan 11, 03 / Jan 11, 19 06:13 UTC
Solar Power Stations closer to the sun could beam via laser, their power to stations further out in the solar system. These beams could also be used for communication at the same time.
Back home from a trip to the Euro Space Center in the south of Belgium. It was interesting as i am somewhat interested in space-things. This facility is in first place to get children interested in all sorts of space related subjects and to enjoy the great hall where all ...
Euro Space Center
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