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Nov 25, 01 / Nov 29, 17 17:18 UTC
room the space journal

ROOM is a quarterly independent space magazine for an international, modern, forward-thinking audience. Our authors report directly from the heart of the matter - they are experts, aerospace industry leaders and scientists from all over the world. At ROOM, we share a common dream - promotion of peaceful ...

Nov 25, 01 / Nov 29, 17 12:39 UTC
Cygnus CRS OA-8E

Cygnus OA-8 is the eighth operational cargo-delivery mission by Orbital ATK’s Cygnus spacecraft under NASA’s Commercial Resupply Services Program to keep the International Space Station stocked up on supplies and deliver new experiments.


Dec 4, 01 / Dec 6, 17 18:47 UTC

Thanks to Staffan here is link to the video of the release:

Nov 27, 01 / Dec 1, 17 20:32 UTC

The launch of the Asgardia-1 satellite in on 6 dec 2017.

Nov 25, 01 / Nov 29, 17 04:20 UTC
Woman in science

From twitter: "I LOVE how the last one really could be anybody! Cheers to these pioneering women and cheers to those that are to come!!"

Nov 25, 01 / Nov 29, 17 10:21 UTC

That's a great post, Dirk. Should be on the wall of every school.

Nov 22, 01 / Nov 26, 17 17:10 UTC
Asgardia - Space - unesco - un
Jul 13, 01 / Jul 28, 17 02:33 UTC

Give and Receive and do not take and demand. Its one of fundamentals of a loving and peaceful world.
Lets start with earth, if we do nothing else then taking away from this beautiful world, the earth will
be no longer a beautiful place as it will ...

Asg 6, 01 / Jun 23, 17 13:11 UTC
Aug 21, 01 / Sep 2, 17 05:08 UTC

Hello Dirk Baeyens

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:31 UTC

Theory Milky-Way,

We say that the universe started with a big bang. But what if the universe itself
it limitless older then we can understand. Imagine there where 2 galaxies that
collided not so long ago and that now formed our milky-way. Tis is ...

Oct 25, 01 / Nov 1, 17 19:16 UTC

More to the question, I don't think it much matters - suppose there were 50 galaxies that ... whatever we were gravitationally attached to ... collided with along it's path to becoming what is currently the milky way - it would have happened long before life emerged on earth ...

Jul 18, 01 / Aug 2, 17 14:16 UTC

Recent research explain that we are made 50% of other material than formal milky way. This is comprehensible as we consider the solar winds which bring many extra material from outer space. In other hand when big bang happen, all was melted.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:31 UTC

It's mentioned in the Wikipedia article.

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Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Tensions - Magnetism


Humans: tensions are regulated by magnetism
Stars: produce tensions which result in magnetism
Space: magnetic fields is a result of magnetism
Universe: magnetism is main workforce due to the tensions of stars and black-holes.


Oct 25, 01 / Nov 1, 17 19:53 UTC

Stars and space to my knowledge (informal) have little to do with magnetism - though do emit it.

On the very large scale your looking at gravity, which is unlike magnetism (with gravity likes, or everything, are attracted not repulsed) and deals with everything on the small ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Right. Dirk cared enough to ask for more information. I wanted to make sure he was clear on the original point of confusion.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

I wasn't suggesting that magnetism had anything to do with Saturns rings. Quite the opposite, Saturns rings are mostly ices which are not magnetic at all

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Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Hi, is there some where a digital file as pdf for example
of the slide-show from the meeting in Montreal?

Grtz, Dirk.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

I have requested the information from the admin. We will update you soon.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

I have a problem with the homepage.
What in my view would be more important at this moment is to concentrate on the interview from 13 June (dated 19/05).
And not at the changing of an inside document (dated 18/05) which should not be on top but ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Ok thanks for the info Jason.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

@ Dirk Baeyens ,

The Constitutional post (18/05) appears above as the page displays in the order of creation / edit. As this document was edited after the 19/05 to include a translation it appears on top.

Sorry if this caused any ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Positive Space News.

Well ok, most news from space is positive in a sense.
But maybe we should really highlight the most positive news-items.
Like country's working together like the recent india-us news.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Maybe we should set up a positive-space-news-items-list and
give full focus on that while we could adjust our own work-plan
to these items.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC


Hypothetical question.

If i would have a choice to make a department for environment, where should i put it in the forum.
And could i then add sub-items like earth, space, moon, etc...

Grtz, Dirk.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Good question. Why does everything needs to be separated.
If it is overlapping, with for example 10 other things then so be it.
We could make 1 core unit and add for example 10 side-units who
do their work in the other departments. Then organize ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Ministry of Safety and Security

which is about Health also: Environment may be placed under it, IMHO.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Hi Dirk. You have hit upon the issue that governments, industries and business have struggled with for decades - where do we put "environment" in the structure?

The reality is that it overlaps many areas. To use the Asgardian forum as an exanple, it could have a ...

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Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Thanks to all volunteers in Canada for giving us the stream and
special thanks to the speakers and the video-lady.

Grtz, Dirk.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

While i was fiddling with stellarium on linux i saw that the 3 are allmost in line.

Anybody knows more about this?

Grtz, Dirk.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

An idea..

If radiation is a problem in space for live then maybe we could build
spheres with for example solar-cell-glas or aluminum-glas with a foil
that filters the damaging radiation. We could also use that technique
on the moon for buildings of ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

If the moon gets closer to earth, will it brake up and form a ring?

Grtz, Dirk.

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

assuming the moon broke up, it wouldn't form a ring for a considerable time. Rings are the result of collisions and conservation of momentum. It takes time for that to form the ring/concretion disk. Meanwhile, earth would be bombarded with meteors including large scale strikes.

This was ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Upon reading the title of this thread I thought it was about the theoretical concept of Asgardia being built on the moon rather than in orbit of the Earth.

Upon lengthy discussion I have come to the conclusion that this is a must if Asgardia is to ...

Jun 24, 01 / Jun 13, 17 09:30 UTC

Yes, but the Moon would have to be about 9,500 km from Earth for that to happen.

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Back home from a trip to the Euro Space Center in the south of Belgium. It was interesting as i am somewhat interested in space-things. This facility is in first place to get children interested in all sorts of space related subjects and to enjoy the great hall where all ...
Euro Space Center
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