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Your opinion is very important to determine and analyze the possible system of Solar conversion in open currency markets and its ratio to the main fully convertible currencies chosen by Asgardians for this purpose.

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Mar 18, 02 / Mar 15, 18 22:23 UTC

What is gravity? That was the question i asked myself today. Our atmosphere is gas, so everything that is denser then our atmosphere will fall to the ground. The more dense a material is, like iron, the more heavier it is and the lesser empty space it has around ...

May 23, 02 / May 15, 18 17:55 UTC
Have done a little update with an additional part.
Apr 5, 02 / Mar 30, 18 07:28 UTC
Interesting opinion ... Here is my opinion: Our planet "flies" - falls in space in orbit around the sun with great speed. And it does not separate, because the sun has an attraction higher due to a higher mass and also a high speed of movement. What I lead to, ...
Apr 2, 02 / Mar 27, 18 15:13 UTC
Hi Dirk, thank you for your friendship request and I've already accepted it and thank you again for reading my blog posts and adding valuable comments on there. You also can read my platform and give your vote for me. I invite you to read my platform too. Good luck!!!!
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Mar 17, 02 / Mar 14, 18 14:24 UTC
Sideways and Up.

Just had this idea. Moving sideways to bring something upwards. Grtz, Dirk.

Mar 10, 02 / Mar 7, 18 18:59 UTC
Simplifying shortcuts...

We need to take an example from Einstein and try to take shortcuts in the problems and solutions, until we reach a compact set of formula, or in other words a set of directives or commands till we reach the most best overall rules. If we can not ...

Mar 8, 02 / Mar 5, 18 21:07 UTC
As One Unit we can..

As one Unit we can do all what is in our dreams, idea's, projects, future goals, etc... Everyone can add a little bit, be it from not so important to very important, we can all add something. So lets
all unite and work together towards our goals and ...

Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 15:14 UTC
Hello !!! I invite you to know my campaign. Access my profile and vote for me. All the Best !!!
Mar 9, 02 / Mar 6, 18 06:37 UTC
Hello dear sir I have observed your campaign and it is too much interesting. Personally I like this and voted for you. can you please visit my candidate platform and read my campaign. If you like then please give a vote for me. I'm active here since last 5-6 days ...
Feb 11, 02 / Feb 8, 18 22:06 UTC

An extra word of support for the present candidates from Belgium in the different language districts. All the best to them. Grtz, Dirk.

Mar 3, 02 / Feb 28, 18 21:52 UTC
Hello Friend, The countdown of the final round of voting begins, so I invite you please to confirm again your vote. If you are an undecided voter, I advertise you please to check my updated profile. If your are satisfied and convinced by my Parliamentary program, vote for me , ...
Feb 2, 02 / Jan 30, 18 21:23 UTC
Dennis Shoemaker

We have a new leader who has reached a 1000 votes. His name is Dennis Shoemaker and leads the English District in the Parliamentarian Election. You can find his profile here: . Congratulations Dennis Shoemaker.

Greetings, Dirk.


Mar 3, 02 / Feb 28, 18 04:23 UTC
Thank You for your support! Now that the votes have been reset I need your vote again. Thank you again and let's work for a realistic future together!
Jan 28, 02 / Jan 28, 18 17:24 UTC

The main colors and their transition colors.

Jan 25, 02 / Jan 25, 18 18:33 UTC
For Space..

Some important woman who shaped our future in Space, from left to right, Margaret Hamilton, Nancy Grace Roman, Mae Jemison and Sally Ride.

Jan 25, 02 / Jan 25, 18 18:53 UTC
Jan 21, 02 / Jan 21, 18 22:05 UTC
ROOM 2017/4

You want up-to-date new space-news and scientific articles with also info about Asgardia?
Well, don't hesitate and subscribe to the ROOM Space Journal. You can also order a digital
version which is available all times for reading or downloading.

Greetings and Readings from Dirk. ...

Jan 21, 02 / Jan 21, 18 22:13 UTC
thanks a lot
Jan 17, 02 / Jan 17, 18 22:32 UTC
A fresh start..

More to come as the team develops...

Jan 6, 02 / Jan 6, 18 21:33 UTC

Playing around with words in hexagons.

Jan 11, 02 / Jan 11, 18 19:07 UTC
Cool! reminds me the james webb telescope's design ;)
Jan 7, 02 / Jan 7, 18 18:48 UTC
Lots of food for thought there. I like it.
NY Day, NY Day / Dec 31, 17 08:41 UTC

A little test to visualize the structure of Asgardia. More of the same stuff to come in the future. If you have ideas and/or want to add/change something just post it below. Thanks. Grtz, Dirk.

Dec 26, 01 / Dec 28, 17 11:31 UTC
Seref Kaplan

We have a new leader who has reached 1000 votes. It is Seref Kaplan from Turkey. You can find his profile here: . He is leading the platform of the Turkish language or also named district number 3. You can find district #3 here: ...

Dec 26, 01 / Dec 28, 17 14:06 UTC
Thanks Seref. Well spoken, we are One and have to act as One. Greetings, Dirk.
Dec 26, 01 / Dec 28, 17 13:19 UTC
Dear Dirk, Thank you very much for your very kind post. When I have seen Ross's withdrawal, I was very sorry to see this. He is really a very precious candidate for the Parliament and I was looking forward to working with him after the election, just as I was ...
Dec 18, 01 / Dec 20, 17 10:36 UTC
Message from ROOM

Dear Friends,

They say that you should go big or go home. We choose to go big.

This year, ROOM has expanded to 25 countries and is now sold in almost 700 stores.


Dec 18, 01 / Dec 20, 17 23:47 UTC

Thank You. 😊🙏

Dec 18, 01 / Dec 20, 17 13:50 UTC

Happy Holidays to everyone.
Sure Fatemeh go ahead.

Greetings, Dirk.

Dec 18, 01 / Dec 20, 17 10:57 UTC

Happy holiday Mr. Baeyens and my Asgardian friends, can I repost this beautiful post. Thank You. 😊🙏

Dec 11, 01 / Dec 13, 17 20:14 UTC
Ross Cheeseright

We have our first leader in Asgardia. His name is Ross Cheeseright and hase reached 1000 votes for the parliament elections. You can view his thank you via this link:

Grtz, Dirk.

Nov 25, 01 / Nov 29, 17 17:18 UTC
room the space journal

ROOM is a quarterly independent space magazine for an international, modern, forward-thinking audience. Our authors report directly from the heart of the matter - they are experts, aerospace industry leaders and scientists from all over the world. At ROOM, we share a common dream - promotion of peaceful ...

Back home from a trip to the Euro Space Center in the south of Belgium. It was interesting as i am somewhat interested in space-things. This facility is in first place to get children interested in all sorts of space related subjects and to enjoy the great hall where all ...
Euro Space Center
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