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Mar 10, 03 / Mar 7, 19 02:27 UTC
A technological civilization

Humanity needs to reach new boundaries. A technological civilization can teach something new to our species, a new civilization that can spread peace, love, respect for every form and color. An evolved civilization that takes one's hand, in a journey that can open the eyes, that can show ...

Oct 12, 02 / Oct 19, 18 18:38 UTC

What's your show about your life? Every human being has a story to tell, I'm very curious to hear the plot of your life show.

You can also listen to my unpublished track "This is my show" in exclusive free for Jamendo and my official youtube channel! ...

Nov 23, 02 / Nov 27, 18 14:12 UTC
К его посмотреть мои блог и тему Параллельные мир в разделе Наука и техника на форуме АСГАРДА .
Oct 5, 02 / Oct 12, 18 23:31 UTC

Can there be an escape route between the stars? Aware that I will never set foot in a place like Asgardia, but already just the fact of being able to imagine a future like this, makes me flee from reality!

Only by being part of a project ...

Oct 4, 02 / Oct 11, 18 14:42 UTC
Arrive to Asgardia! My first sound for the nation!

It was the distant 2016, the nation was still fresh, but I had practically fascinated the idea of being part of something that I had always dreamed of at night. Living in a technological city, where all people are equal, and no one teases for what it is! A ...

Oct 4, 02 / Oct 11, 18 14:27 UTC

Hello citizens of Asgardia, in this period I had a lot to do, I worked on my music, I wrote new novels for my blog. I was not able to follow our nation much, but somehow I was informed from time to time!

Now I will start ...

May 13, 02 / May 5, 18 15:54 UTC
ASGARDIA MUSIC VIDEO! Do you want to be the protagonist?

Asgardians, I would like to create something with all of you, a music video of my track (My life on Asgardia) with all of you, it is not difficult, but very simple .... I do not need anything impossible, nothing fantascentific or cinematic, but I'm interested in union and ...

Apr 10, 02 / Apr 4, 18 13:13 UTC
Goodmorning people of Asgardia, today I want to give you some of my writings, poems and thoughts, translated into English ... I was very happy for the story dedicated to the space nation, you have been many to read it, today I would like to present ...
Apr 6, 02 / Mar 31, 18 12:45 UTC
Space Elevator for the space Nation!

Good Morning Asgardians! Lifts to reach Asgardia in the near future? could it be a possible solution to eliminate costs, and to have a fast and direct connection with the landers?

Space Elevator (Watch the video)

Apr 5, 02 / Mar 30, 18 13:12 UTC
A LITTLE GIRL ON THE SPACE NATION. The first Asgardia's literary!

Hello citizens of Asgardia, today I want to bring you to the space nation, with a special story, written by me ... A little girl on the space nation! it is written in Italian, but it is also translated into English, for other languages, you can use Google translator! ...

Apr 12, 02 / Apr 6, 18 03:54 UTC
Look how it happened, you may have comments: МАЛЕНЬКАЯ ДЕВОЧКА ИЗ КОСМИЧЕСКОГО КОВЧЕГА Синди, ожидающая своего двенадцатого дня рождения, родилась в первом космическом ковчеге, созданном людьми около двадцати лет назад. Она была одним из первых детей, рождённых в космосе. В этой космической стране уже было около десяти тысяч жителей, и ...
Apr 10, 02 / Apr 4, 18 13:15 UTC
VERY GOOD :) thanks!!!
Apr 5, 02 / Mar 30, 18 15:25 UTC
Hello, Ivan. I made a translation and, if you want, I will publish it in one Russian newspaper.
Apr 2, 02 / Mar 27, 18 22:20 UTC

Hi Asgardians! I was in my lab for a while, I experimented with a new sound journey, and dedicated it to Asgardia! This song is part of my new Toxica album, for sale in the world.

You are all invited to my blog to listen to the ...

Apr 5, 02 / Mar 30, 18 13:03 UTC
Grazie :D
Apr 3, 02 / Mar 28, 18 15:04 UTC
Bel pezzo!!!
Jan 4, 02 / Jan 4, 18 20:06 UTC
When the space nation of Asgardia becomes reality!

When the space nation of Asgardia becomes reality, a reality that will be known by the entire planet, how life on earth will change, what influences it can bring into the minds of human beings.

Will the Asgardia project succeed, to be a human example for all ...

Apr 5, 02 / Mar 30, 18 16:01 UTC
I see him about the way the writer Ivan Efremov saw him in the series of works on the Great Ring.
Dec 28, 01 / Dec 30, 17 00:48 UTC
Asgardian citizens safe! The nation needs its personal security!
I believe that the citizens of Asgardia, too, must have security in their streets, in the places they frequent, jobs, whether the space nation, or the land nation, it matters little. Both versions of Asgardia need military service, which can protect citizens, and all members of ...
Dec 27, 01 / Dec 29, 17 17:52 UTC
Asgardia Congress Center, for governors and citizens!
Will the government of Asgardia have its parliamentary center within the space nation? or will it simply be built on earth?  The future of Asgardia and its citizens must be discussed among the parliamentarians and the governors, welcoming to the listening, even its ...
Dec 27, 01 / Dec 29, 17 17:37 UTC
A unique language on Asgardia?

A unique language on Asgardia? It is not an easy thing, I think instead that the translator is the easiest way to communicate between different peoples, a bracelet that translates what is said, can be a great option, but also small earphones, could be useful!

What do ...

Aug 23, 02 / Sep 4, 18 14:21 UTC
Hi, a beautiful idea
Jan 14, 02 / Jan 14, 18 19:25 UTC
Dec 7, 01 / Dec 9, 17 11:15 UTC
a fast communication system

Living in space is wonderful, but friends and parents, stayed on Earth?

It may be difficult to hear them. You have to find a way to communicate, and that can be integrated into every apartment Asgardian!

The 3d display, to occupy as ...

Dec 27, 01 / Dec 29, 17 17:32 UTC
Of course, the technology for this type of communication exists! :)
Dec 11, 01 / Dec 13, 17 23:44 UTC

Of course not all humans could go away from the earth, it is necessary to talk with the left behind ones, but i think that as if for astronauts, it could be painful for the gone and the left, if there will be no coming back, in that case ...

Dec 6, 01 / Dec 8, 17 21:57 UTC
Can Asgardia have its own (earthly Asgardia)?

Can Asgardia have its own (earthly Asgardia)? Terrestrial Asgardia can function as a beginning, the beginning of a new space era, with its personal launching base, and its personal companies to build the space nation, facilitate the costs and the Times, in the construction of new technologies!

Apr 5, 02 / Mar 30, 18 16:24 UTC
CONSTITUTION OF THE SPACE KINGDOM OF ASGARDIA: "Article 5. Territory From a legal perspective, Asgardia’s territory is a digital nation with living citizens on the planet Earth; from a scientific and technological perspective, Asgardia is a nation implemented on a low-Earth orbit in the form of a satellite or an ...
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